Hmm, maybe I should try and post once in the month.  I don’t like this month and it doesn’t like me.

Things I did:

Went for a second opinion on the whole infertility thing. Plus side- nothing else obvious we should/could do.  Bad- same thing, there is no magic bullet

We went to Melbourne and saw Bruce Springsteen

I thought some embroidery

I did some watercolour- the watercolour class was late January and then we had a watercolour night with QCWA in February 

I saw a large spider in a car park

This most recent weekend we went to the beach

I also had a busy work month, there is an industry wide change that came into force this year. The deadline for reporting the information was today, and a lot of decisions had to be made this month.  It is a complex change and I have spent too much time explaining it.

Not sure I am looking forward to march- I have a big birthday coming up.






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