Was discharged from hospital on Saturday. Spent the weekend doing little.  But my husband, who needs to be the one doing the heavy work, is sick. So not awesome. I feel guilty for having to ask him to do things I could normally do.

And J still has the attitude.  I don’t know what to do there except point out that if he is really unhappy he does have the option (somewhat) of leaving. He is legally an adult. An unemployed one with the survival skills of a baby chick, but the law doesn’t care about that.  At the end of the day, he can choose to leave, and if continues to be rude to us, then there are things were do not have to do for him (allow him to drive is at the top of that list).

So today, I worked from home, G was sick at home and J stayed home and looked for work(?). It turns out that four hours of sitting isn’t good for me, even when it is comfortable. Then we went grocery shopping.  So I am in bed at 7:30. I hate working from home, it just doesn’t work for me.  Which my boss knows.  So, when I say I have to do it again, she’ll know I am still struggling.

bright side, I have been reading and I watched the first 10 episodes of season one of friends.  

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