Observations from a hospital bed

Firstly, I wasn’t expecting to still be here.  The original plan (as I understood) was that I have the surgery Thursday morning, stay overnight and be discharged Friday morning.  

So, the surgery happened earlyish Thursday morning, a laparotomy, so I will have a larger scar.  I spent most of the day dozing and medicated. One of those pain med on-demand things plus a fair amount of pain when I moved.  A lovely diet of clear fluids.

Then this morning my catheter came out and I failed to need to wee for some time ( I had to wee twice and have a scan before I could leave). It hurt to move much. I struggled to eat breakfast and was sad. G came in and sat in my room.  We did not see my surgeon.

Physio came and made me walk. Ow.  I sat in a chair. Ow. I agreed to shower and managed a wee.  Yay.  I felt sick, so on the oxygen, but no more painkiller on demand. Then the surgeon showed up- the fibroid is gone. It was a big one.  Yay. But staying the night again. 

I napped, managed a wee and the scan and all good.  Amazing what a couple of hours will do.

Thoughts- especially early- this really hurts, and if I do get pregnant I will require a c section, which I imagine is similarly painful.  Not sure about that. Being allergic to orange juice is odd, and yet doesn’t prevent me from being served at breakfast.

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