Still Around

Stressed at work- a project due date got moved from end of September to September 4. With a week to,complete it.  Done now, or at least that part but brain fried.

Stressed at home.  J is 19 and has attitude to match. I lack the patience on this. He seems to be angry all the time.  No dude, being asked to empty and fill the dishwasher once a day is not onerous, especially when you create half of the dirty dishes.  Being required to put your shoes on the shoe rack is not a ridiculous requirement. 

Health stress.  Booked in for a fibroid removal next week.  It’s not cheap.  I am not sure of the recovery time, but I am stressed if I am looking forward to the enforced bed rest.

Money. Not too terrible, but the op will not help. Plus there are a couple of exhibitions in Melbourne G and I want to see.  They end in November. A weekend there, flights and hotel is probably at least $1500. That’s about the same cost of moving j’s stuff up from tassie.  I am pretty much nope on the moving of stuff ( my life experience of having to move and live somewhere with just a suitcase more than once makes me less sympathetic to someone who didn’t plan very well). But how can I justify spending that much on a weekend away then!  And also, don’t really want to bring J along.  I am still not very happy about his behaviour when we went to Rocky.  I am not inclined to provide an all expenses paid trip somewhere nice to someone who acts like I am a problem in their life and that I can be treated rudely.  

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