Bad news Thursday

Not a good day.

I saw the GP a few weeks ago about the excessive bleeding I was having with my period.  Apparently the technical term is flooding.  So off I went for an ultrasound. And today I found out I have a 7.1 cm fibroid.  Which is causing some issues with my uterus.  Surgery is the answer.  The problem is their may be issues with fertility.  And the surgeon she recommends is apparently very good, but I also need to consider whether I want to involve my fertility specialist who is also a decent surgeon.  Decisions to make.

And then I went and collected the mail.  You may have read a few months ago that I was applying for a new job.  Today I got the official rejection letter.  I was ambivalent about the job- it sounded fascinating and challenging, but I also had potential ethical issues.  I also  would have been required to do a lot more running around for documents, so that is a relief.  But a bit sad that I didn’t get further.

Not a great day.  

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