Distracted from writing by watching Utopia.  If you have ever worked on a project it is a pretty good representation of office politics.  Very amusing, if occasionally hard to watch ( so reminiscent of experienced situations )

Busy day at work, trying to finish up document reviews and answer questions about things I told people about a year ago.

It’s very frustrating that pregnancy symptoms are the same as the two week wait.  Sigh.  And my cycle seems to be stuck at 32 days.  

I need new running shoes ( walking shoes?). I can feel the heel support going.  

Watching a show about reality TV shows.  The only one I really want to be on is the amazing race, but I can’t do it with my husband because he doesnt  have a US passport


Catching up

It’s been a less than stellar week, and it’s only tuesday!  I hsve a mental list of posts I want to write, but lack of energy at home.

Where to start?  

On Monday, where I found that a summay I wrote, for which I had to throw the rest of my workload under the bus for a week and am still dealing with the consequences, had been circulated to approximately no one in the past three weeks since i finished it.  Originally the plan had been to give said summary to someone else to jazz it up for the trustes (because that wasn’t insulting either) but that didn’t happen.  Anyway I had to go to a meeting today where the three other participants had received a copy of the summary and were starting a response to the original document based on my summary of it.  so three people read it.  It makes me feel less than warm and fuzzy about certain people at my work.  Thankfully they are not ones i interact with much. (for those that know me in real life and have heard me whinge about a particular character who usually adds to my workload- he was the one who actually got the ball rolling on other people seeing it and was not the cause of my issue)

Today when I totally blanked on an industry update (for which a substantial sum was paid to register) and thereby missed the first hour.  Gah.  And i reminded myself about it yesterday, but blanked today. Luckily, the parts i particularly wanted to hear were the ones that were scheduled later.  But i felt like an idiot, and was very frustrated.

The general feeling of meh.

The return of the person whose desk is next to mine after 9 weeks of holiday.  We are not at each other’s throats, but she is not a quiet person, and she is just about to start organising her wedding.  time to sort out some good headphones.

I talked to my sister about donor eggs last week.  She s still on board, but had seen a counselor and had some questions, issues.  She emailed me, and also indicated she didnt know where we were up to, so we could refuse eggs if wanted.  I emailed back about the fact that after 4 miscarriages and 3 failed IVF cycles donor eggs and/or PGD are serious options.  I havent really talked to my family about the last miscarriage, it was such a brief pregnancy that it never went far.  my mum knew about all three of the other ones, but i wasnt sure if my sister knew.  She didn’t.  We will try to schedule a cycle so she can come out for retrieval the weekend that we have our big family get-together.  That way she has something to look forward to, and it provides a reason for the visit for the curious. My mum knows that we are doing this, but I really dont want to discuss it with the wider family until it is something.   So my sister is one of those people who can manipulate her cycle with the pill.  I am not.  Which makes me very happy i am not going through IVF in the USA, so many clinics seem to use that as a start.

I need new sneakers.  I can feel the heel support in mine is no longer good.  I hate spending $200 on sneakers (the typical price for a decent pair here)  I know the value of decent shoes though.

The accounting team at work has lost my expense claim for my ipad cover.  yet they will probably process my signed off deduction to purchase the old ipad immediately.  not impressed.

Oh, and i keep meaning to sign up for ICLW, but am freaked out and forget.



Happy the week is over.

At our last appointment at the doctor he told us to take a weekend away.  We discussed Sydney, or Melbourne or a weekend at the coast.  But the only trip away will be to Rockhampton next weekend.  For J’s 18th.  So family time. Not quite what the doctor had in mind.


 And I was so coordinated on Friday, I am posting this on Sunday!  


Complementary skills?

So I have  pretty good local navigation skills.  Give me a couple of days ( or hours) in a neighbourhood and I will work out the layout and navigate confidently.  Once, in my last year of college, I found the cafe my family had gone to in NYC in 1993. From a different direction, at a different time of year and day.  I had been there twice.  In all fairness, I wasn’t in the area for that, but something about it rang bells, so I walked around a couple of corners and there it was.

It can be a useful skill, especially in japan, where street numbers don’t really exist.  And it can be on multi transport levels- on foot, on car and even public transport. So if I am trying to avoid a traffic jam on way home, I know which streets to take, and where they should come out. And when they are not quite as expected, I still know where I am.


The flip side, navigating between known neighbourhoods? Not so great.  For years I played soccer in Brisbane and would have to get various fields.  By and large I would have to dig out my street directory and map out my route.  If I struggled to remember or stick to it, I would have to pull over.  It took me months to remember the way to get from the place I lived in on one side of the city to my mother’s new house. And there were a limited number of roads!  That said, now that trip is on of my “neighbourhoods”. I can easily navigate the options.

This is just the way it is.  But my husband is the opposite of me.  Drive at a known street from a somewhat new angle, he often struggles to recognise it.  But drive across town to a new place- all over it and can navigate 90% of the way there ( we still go to maps or gps for the finer details).  

So a useful balance of skills, I can navigate the small streets and neighbourhoods- he knows the arterials to take to get me to my neightbourhood.

Another Ekka-cellent day!

Because why mess with tradition.  And also I get a steady, if slightly inexplicable trickle, of visitors to this blog as a result of one silly post.

Today was People’s day at the Ekka.  For those poor unfortunate souls who are not Queenslanders, the Ekka is short for Exhibition which is what the Royal Queensland Show is called.  It’s the state fair.

Anyway, it runs for 10 days and on the Wednesday those of us who live in Brisbane get a public holiday to go.  Other local districts get different public holidays.  For some reason we generally opt to go on this day, rather than the weekend.

So we went.  We opted for 100% public transport because Translink finally got the message.  For the past few years they have eschewed return tickets on transport in favour of pushing people towards the public transport card things.  This always results in a public relations disaster at Ekka time as many people who don’t usually public transport have to wait in a stupidly long queue to buy a single ticket to leave.  This year they offered a $6 adult or $3 child round trip ticket to the show from anywhere  ( as far as I can tell) as long as you had evidence of an Ekka ticket.  Smart move. Ensured people pre-bought tickets ( because the line for those is also insane) and looked good.

At first we went to the train station.

We were waiting there for maybe 5-10 minutes, before I thought to check their nifty app.  No train due for 45 minutes! Luckily it was a train station which is next to a busway station (an unusual, if useful set up) so we went there and caught a special Ekka bus.  Which was great, except for the toddlers also on it, who had clearly not spent much time on public transport.  Side note: I am already well aware of the entertainment value of taking a small child onto public transport for a couple of hours, so I was a bit judgey.  How can that small child not be aware of the bus operation?

We arrived at the Ekka without incident, and were able to walk on in ( yay for pre bought tickets!). We entered close to the wood chop arena, so we watched a competition.  It was over pretty quickly

Before the start

About to get stuck in

The aftermath

We sat around waiting for the set up longer than the actual comp.  luckily there are lots of comps through the day, if you want to watch people chopping wood.  Apologies for the quality, there are a lot of distancing/safety measures.

The woodchop is near sideshow alley and the rides, neither of which I particularly like.  And we next found the horseshoing tent, which has been on the move the last few years as the ground are renovated.  I love watching this but there was a crowd, and there seemed to be a competition, but no announcing, or even much hurrying.

It’s hot!

we wandered around, seeing livestock


And rides from afar

Rides from a distance

Before heading to what used to be the show bag pavilion.  It’s now a convention centre and the dog/cat holdings place as well as the agricultural place.

We bought honey and then marvelled at the agriculture displays.  I miss the old agriculture hall, it was much better for these, but I think it is now an apartment building site.

Continue reading


We are going to the Ekka today.  And I am planning to post bout it.  So I can continue to see random search spikes every year about this topic!

In other random news, I am using a new app to post and manage the blog, and it’s great, but it doesn’t update comments very well.  So, if I take a while to respond, it isn’t entirely my slackness!

monday moments

An up and down day.

I half wrote a post about two of my favorite science fiction series and how they treat fertility.  Or rather the presence of artificial wombs.  sigh  If there was an artificial uterus available, i am pretty sure that would be where we would be headed.

Busy morning, where almost everyone bailed on my weekly research meeting. 

But this week is my fortnightly work massage. Followed by an early acupuncture appointment.

For the past week or more I have been trying to incorporate more fibre in my diet.  Broccolli, carrots, fennel in my stew on the weekend.  Plus trying (not always succeeding) to cut down on bad snacks.  And my acupuncturist noticed that my stomach was feeling better.  She asked if i had been dieting!  Not quite.  More trying to eat better.  so good.

This afternoon was frustrating.  Working on document review.  bleh.  And the expectations of my turnaround times are unrealistic.  

Home, to pie made with sunday’s stew.  And an evening walk.  

It is already getting warmer, winter is going.  It’s Ekka week (state fair), traditionally the last blast of winter.

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