Social media

Yeah, I am an old.

I don’t know how to use social media?  I have Twitter and Facebook, but I use them intermittently.  Close observers will note my “participation” is via my husband.  I also apparently have Instagram.  I created an account a few years ago, apparently still valid. 

My husband sent me a link for Instagram today. It didn’t work,  so I tried to log in to the i gram.  Cue ten minutes of frustration. Then I discovered that the link was broken.  So I was able to look without logging in.  My Instagram handle, for anyone so inclined is persnicketychick.  I have three photos uploaded, and I am about to make a rash promise. If I get up to 5 followers, I will post a photo everyday in December.  

And on to the Twitter and the Facebook. At the moment both are preferencing posts over a day old over more recent ones.  I have come to expect this from FB, but it is a little annoying on Twitter.  This may be because of my infrequent checking, but how am I expected to know what is happening and stay current if the top stories are 6 days old?!

I kind of have an Ello account, in the same way I also kind of have a goodreads account.  I had a Friendster account, back when that was a thing.  See- somewhat tech savvy.

But social media is not how I do most of my communicating.  Although I did have to use FB messages to source references for a job app earlier this year.

Am I alone? Is everyone fully sorted on these?


My mum and stepdad just bought a new apartment in the CBD so they can do things in the city without having to worry about the drive home.  It’s very close to my work, so I stopped by to drop off the folding bed J has been using (his bed has now arrived). It’s really high up (one of the first high rise apartment buildings in the CBD)

View from the balcony

I was also struck by how some buildings/ layouts are distend to be viewed from above.

Looking down

 Not much more I can say.  I like the views from being this high, but I don’t like being on an open balcony for them.



Travel thoughts

My sister is going to Japan for Christmas. I have already sent through recommendations, but we were talking earlier and I was trying to recommend shops in a station she last visited a decade ago, and I can’t remember the exact location.  Not stellar!

She laughed and said how nice it was that we had visited often enough that we were familiar with a place to be able to just make such recommendations. 

I suppose this is not a usual habit for my family- when I was growing up we usually went on holidays to new places. The places we visited more than once were either places where relatives lived (Skegness and Southhampton) or places near us where we took visitors (Mesa verde or the Grand Canyon). When we traveled somewhere else, it was usually a one off, even when visiting places from my parents’ childhood (lulworth cove). But G and I have been to Japan every year since 2010. Even the year we didn’t travel, we started the year in Japan.  So we do have places we return to, and things we recommend.  

And I was asked why we keep going back.  For me it is a combination of things.  For starters from Australia, many places are far away.  NZ is relatively close- about 2-3 hours from where we are. But Bali is a 7 hour flight, Singapore is 6 hours (I think), Tokyo is about 9. So just a little bit further than other popular spots. LA is about 14-18 hours (depends on the airline and whether we have to change planes). Europe is close to 20 hours (flight paths vary). Plus Japan is only one hour time difference. (That makes a big difference in adjustment time). And culturally it is very different from Australia, but I don’t feel that tourism is exploitative.  I feel a bit odd about traveling to Bali or Thailand- a lot of the activities and culture is very much catering to western expectations, and driven by the bogan tourist trade- lots of cheap drinks and dodgy products. It feels exploitative.  By contrast most of The cultural stuff in Japan is primarily for Japanese consumption, and is more part of life there. We get to observe and participate in it, but it is being undertaken for their purposes, not to entertain drunk tourists.  

Plus, we are very unlikely to spend the holiday in our hotel room watching tv, as usually the only channel in English is the news channel.


Things are ticking along.

A bit frustrated and not calm at the moment.  A combination of causes. Work is not challenging me at the moment, and interpersonal politics has caused some genuine irritation.  J continues to be stubborn and argumentative.  It is very wearying to live with someone who feels the need to argue with everything.  Even statements of fact- I commented on the fact he is taller than me (this was part of an ongoing conflict over how close he puts the drivers seat to the steering wheel) and he argued why would you be taller than me?  Um, because that is a visible fact. He doesn’t know how to articulate the points where he wants to be right, but argiung over everything makes us much less tolerant of areas where there is room for discussion. He seems to think that the way to argue is to dispute the last comment/statement. Unfortunately, in the situation today that meant he disputed a provable fact and didn’t discuss the real sticking point, which is the fact he sits too close.

The house is untidy at the moment- combination of no time, J’s stuff turning up and the fact certain chores aren’t being done.  We are allowing him to pay part of the cost of moving the stuff in chores- which meant I had a clean kitchen for week.  But he is backsliding a bit.  One of his arguments for bringing his stuff up is that he would pay half the cost.  But that is tough when you aren’t working.  I am not too impressed with how it all went down- we weren’t the ones who chose to move there, we were not the ones who decided that J was living with us, we were not the ones who knew how much stuff there was, but we were the ones expected to pay for it all. 

A bit of a complaint filled post- I am just getting very frustrated with someone who acts like he doesn’t want to live with us, like we need to do all his work and routinely insults me (it is unclear how deliberate that is)  Nothing seems to work in terms of consequences- at the moment he has been told yet again no to refer to me as “her” in conversation (something that has pissed off both my mother and my mother-in-law) and the consequence is that he will not get to drive on our trip to Rockhampton if he does it again.  We shall see how this goes.  He has managed not to do so for two days.

  Heading into the busy season too. G’s work thing (acutually two, but we skipped one) was on Friday. I have a QCWA one one Wednesday, a catchup with my dad on Sunday and we are going to the movies this week, plus a day at Supanova- a pop culture con. And we haven’t reached December.  

We are having a quieter holiday in some ways though.  After the meltdown earlier this year, there hasn’t been a lot of action for my stepbrother (s). And I knew that my siblings were both open to no gifting- so for that side of the family it is cards, ornaments ( maybe) and charity donations.  No stress.  We have my niece’s present organised.  I haven’t sorted my dad and co yet, though.  And G’s family will probably  be mostly gift cards. G sort of got his present early- we bought a PS4 on Saturday. 

I am hoping to be able to stay away from the shops this year. 


We are about to experience a heat wave. Temps to jump 4 degrees up from today, to 33 tomorrow (Celsius). Sydney had 40 plus today!  To put this in perspective, some years we don’t get past 30 until mid December. In cold years, we have to wait for January to crack it.

Not looking forward to this summer at all!


Clutter. Yes, I certainly understand the drive to declutter but some of the clutter is valued. Plus a comfortable minimalist life requires a lot of resources. I could write a whole post on that.  But looking around the house, a lot of of the superfluous stuff is momentos and reminders.


Australia is about to experience a heat wave. Yay. Not so much. 

I got sucked back into a book series this week.  Good but distracting

Something I thought was this weekend is next week. It gives us more time this weekend, but means a more hectic weekend to follow.

We have a lot of Disney infinity figures, especially given how little we have played it…

Some interestin pg decisions being made by J, but part of growing up is dealing with the consequences…



Sometimes it is the little habits that are big changes.

My family reads newspapers in a particular way.  We don’t read the sports section, or the real estate section. Growing up we would fight over the comics, the museum and the arts section.  The racing form guide goes the way of all of the advertising inserts.  g’s family is the opposite.  The form guide is the first thing they look for.  It is completely different from how I am used to newspapers, but I guess if everyone did what my family does, the form guide wouldn’t be published!


When I travel I rarely unpack in a hotel room.  I guess if I was staying for a week or more, I might but generally no.  Maybe if I have crushable clothes I will hang those.  I live out of the suitcase. G, on the other hand, unpacked everything for two nights in Melbourne. I always wondered why hotels bothered to put chests of drawers in their rooms.  Now I know!

I am sure I had another example, but I can’t remember.