I signed up for the Bridge to Brisbane at the beginning of September.  I am doing the 10k variation ( there is a shorter 5 k option). I will most likely not be running it, but I am trying to train anyway.  This is the first time I have done any form of training for this.  In years past I would have been playing soccer up to that point, so was getting my training that way.

It’s winter, the dark comes early, and it is cold.  G is still in recovery from the cold of doom, so walking around outside is not good for him.  Brisbane is not an awesomely safe for a woman to exercise alone at night.  The best space for running near me is not good for solo night running.  So I have been going for a walk/run during lunch.

Fortunately, there is an entry onto the riverside bikeway/walkway.  So the last few weeks, I have gone for a lunch walk.  It’s great. The sunshine means that it is comfortable, but the river and the season mean it isn’t too hot.

I find that I am more relaxed in the afternoon, and my blood pressure has come down.  

I am also going to Pilates at the gym, although various planned activities have meant my Friday yoga hasn’t happened for a couple of weeks

What I have been reading

I am currently reading Snake Agent by Liz Williams.  It’s interesting, I have read it before but i am reading it more carefully this time.

What I read last week?

Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye.  It’s a romance novel, and appears to part of a series.  There are several side characters who are not properly introduced, the reader is meant to know them.  Anyway two people end up sharing an apartment in Brooklyn as the owner of the apartment ( or current renter) tells her best friend she can use it, but the brother of the owner is told by her husband that he can use it. Confused yet?  Anyway the hero is a bit f a playboy, not settling down.  but his latest girlfriend tells him he isn’t marriage material just as he is getting pressure from work to settle down.  So he enlists the help of his reluctant roommate to teach him how to cook, clean and be generally domesticated. The heroine is an artist who doesn’t like to trade on her family’s name.  It’s a fluffy romance.  not great but not terrible.



The Mummy Congress by Heather Pringle is non-fiction.  It’s the book i took to the hospital, and it was pretty distracting.  It starts with the mummy congress and the travels through the various places where mummies are found, a bit of an explanation of how they occur and what can be found from them.  It’s interesting.


Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen.  I like Carl Hiaasen, some of his stuff is very very funny.  But this book, not so much.  Lots of Florida crime shenanigans, this time involving a Medicare (the US Medicare) scammer faking his own death by cutting off his own arm, a monkey that was on Pirates of the Caribbean and an ex-cop turned healthy and safety inspector.  I finished it, so readable, but not his best work.


There you have it, some of my reading.  It’s easier to remember my physical books, but i read more on the ereader.

mellow weekend

A relaxing weekend.  We went into the city on Friday to pick up a book I ordered about the young women who worked at Oak Ridge during the war, “The girls of atomic city”  It is going to be my sisters birthday present.

I managed a Pilates class both Saturday and Sunday morning, so getting some exercise.  After my saturday class we ended up going shopping (for new yoga pants) and bought more than planned.  In the afternoon I went out to afternoon high tea with an old friend.  It was very good.  I neglected to take pictures of most of it, apart from the very last petit four.

 Sunday was much more mellow,apart from G reorganising the living room.  Apart from my gym trip, we spent the day at home.  Laundry was done, sofas moved etc.

Not much excitement at the moment. But one of the things we bought on Saturday was a Bamboo stylus for my ipad.  not the really spectacular one, just a normal one, but i have been playing in the drawing apps i have.


I don’t think I have thought the whole donor egg thing through much. So very thankful that I live in Australia, where the costs will be lower and it is my sister.

Does anyone else get the amazon smile thing? Where it says they will give money to charity. It keeps repopping up.

I walked 4 k at lunch. Yay. And the I did pilates tonight. So a little sore.

Coles is selling caramel and pretzel cookies. Which sounds interesting and a sweet and salt combo, but they are waaaay too sweet.


I don’t get many visitors- the number remains in a fairly narrow band, but I like looking at the stats. I can see certain posts that people visit, and I can guess what the search terms were ( google won’t share anymore).

Sometimes this makes me happy, because I have helped someone ( sofmap Kyoto location) or it puzzles me with popularity (ekka). My IVF drugs posts, never fully completed, regularly pop up. Which I understand. And usually they seem to be the result of searches. But someone has specifically looked at one today. Without a search. I am curious. Is it that the post was bookmarked, rather than the blog ( I have done this). Is that they need reassurance about that drug? So curious.


This weekend I got a few things done.
Apologies on the photo sizing- iPad blogging is not so easy…
I went to the gym on Saturday morning. Just a Pilates reformer class,but I walked there as well. I did find I was a little out of breath from the walk, and I told the instructor I needed to avoid significant crunching of my tummy. Which was possible, so yay. Then today I managed to go for a walk. G has been sick all week, so it hasn’t been possible to go for a walk at night, and my work lunchtimes have been taken up with seminars, or the need to work through because I have appointments later. So next week I am going to try very hard to get back in the habit.

I worked on my embroidery owl. It doesn’t seem like much, but this is a new stitch for me, and I need to do it when I am not too tired, otherwise it goes wonky.


We went to a garage sale – well whole of house sale, and I picked up some old craft leaflets. It was a bit sad, clearly an older couple had lived there, one had died, the other lingered for a few more years and then died and the kids are having to take care of it. It’s interesting to see the insiders of such houses, the kitchen hadn’t been renovated since forever- I have gotten so used ( spoiled) by our nice kitchen that I forget that may not be the norm.

Then we went to reverse garbage. I picked up some of ceramic things that you see on power lines I don’t have word for them, but they look like beads, but aren’t. See photo below.


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