No time

It feels like I am running out of time.  I am still working on the embroidery, but have until the 29tn to finish and post it.

I have several time critical projects at work, but our system upgrade(hah) has caused some major issues in getting things done.  Half of my day seems to be retesting elements to prove to IT that things still don’t work.  Or doing workarounds because things don’t work.

Feeling like I am running out of time.


After spending most of Sunday with an awful headache, accompanied by nausea, I went to the doctor this morning. Apparently it was a tension headache. Huh.  

So perhaps a little stressed.  And I arrived at work late, thinking I had missed the team meeting where my co-worker announced her pregnancy.  No such luck, I was greeted by the chorus I couldn’t leave, we were about to have said team meeting.  Apparently everyone had issues getting in today, horrible traffic.  So I had to tell my manager I wasn’t up to hearing the announcement. 

And then I left.  Still had the headache, couldn’t take the prescribed mess until I got home (not supposed to drive on it and I haven’t taken it before so wasn’t sure of the impact). And I managed to get a space at my acupuncturist.  Which helped a lot, pretty much  got rid of most of the headache.

My co-worker is not the main source of the stress, that is closer to home, but it didn’t help.  


Last year for the day that must not be named I took my mum to a paint and sip place. We didn’t go on the actual day (they had an event though). The idea is that there is a particular picture for a given day, the place provides a canvas, paint and paintbrushes and an instructor. You bring wine and have a relaxing painting experience.  G and I have been a couple of times.  On this occasion I went with my mum, a friend of mine and her mum.  The painting was meant to be a picture of poppies.  

One of the interesting things about this activity is seeing how differently people interpret the same picture and process.  All of the pictures were very different.  I have also learned that it is important to stand back and stop painting.  What looks messy and unfinished close up looks much better when you step away and take a picture. That bit of distance gives perspective.  But no one else believed me.  My mumand my friend both went home and repainted!  

It’s a lesson that can apply to life as well.  What looks messy and unfinished close up looks better with a bit of distance.  Maybe this is part of the appeal of FB?  A chance to see our lives through the perspective of others?

But the reason I am thinking about this?  Because I am working on this embroidery project and feeling less than happy.

But with a bit of perspective?  Better.  Maybe.  I  mostly see the flaws on this one.


Just thoughts

In relation to my last post.  I am aware of the fact that a large part of my frustration with J is not his fault.  And I try very hard to not let that frustration carry through to my actual interactions with him. Which is tiring, which means I  get stressed and more frustrated easily.

So I was going to write this post and say that I needed to mellow out.  And then I had to hint and ask three times for him not to wear his hat inside. And the hat- some sort of fez thing he got in the Middle East- he insists on wearing it out and when coupled with a scraggly beard he looks unfortunately like the (also teenage) idiots down in Melbourne who wanted to behead a police officer.  And Australia is not known for its nuanced response to race and religion.  So I keep expecting to get a call from police or the hospital to say he has been attacked.  That is worse case, and admitted unlikely to happen, but still.  the hat annoys me  a lot.  But I cannot justify my irritation, so he gets to wear it- except when we manage to convince him no.

So yeah, still trying to mellow.  

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