I don’t think I have thought the whole donor egg thing through much. So very thankful that I live in Australia, where the costs will be lower and it is my sister.

Does anyone else get the amazon smile thing? Where it says they will give money to charity. It keeps repopping up.

I walked 4 k at lunch. Yay. And the I did pilates tonight. So a little sore.

Coles is selling caramel and pretzel cookies. Which sounds interesting and a sweet and salt combo, but they are waaaay too sweet.


I don’t get many visitors- the number remains in a fairly narrow band, but I like looking at the stats. I can see certain posts that people visit, and I can guess what the search terms were ( google won’t share anymore).

Sometimes this makes me happy, because I have helped someone ( sofmap Kyoto location) or it puzzles me with popularity (ekka). My IVF drugs posts, never fully completed, regularly pop up. Which I understand. And usually they seem to be the result of searches. But someone has specifically looked at one today. Without a search. I am curious. Is it that the post was bookmarked, rather than the blog ( I have done this). Is that they need reassurance about that drug? So curious.


This weekend I got a few things done.
Apologies on the photo sizing- iPad blogging is not so easy…
I went to the gym on Saturday morning. Just a Pilates reformer class,but I walked there as well. I did find I was a little out of breath from the walk, and I told the instructor I needed to avoid significant crunching of my tummy. Which was possible, so yay. Then today I managed to go for a walk. G has been sick all week, so it hasn’t been possible to go for a walk at night, and my work lunchtimes have been taken up with seminars, or the need to work through because I have appointments later. So next week I am going to try very hard to get back in the habit.

I worked on my embroidery owl. It doesn’t seem like much, but this is a new stitch for me, and I need to do it when I am not too tired, otherwise it goes wonky.


We went to a garage sale – well whole of house sale, and I picked up some old craft leaflets. It was a bit sad, clearly an older couple had lived there, one had died, the other lingered for a few more years and then died and the kids are having to take care of it. It’s interesting to see the insiders of such houses, the kitchen hadn’t been renovated since forever- I have gotten so used ( spoiled) by our nice kitchen that I forget that may not be the norm.

Then we went to reverse garbage. I picked up some of ceramic things that you see on power lines I don’t have word for them, but they look like beads, but aren’t. See photo below.



So we had the follow up consult with the dr yesterday. Surgery was fine. He removed a couple of polyps, better out than in. I had a tiny bit of endo, very little but all lasered away. Liver looks good( that’s a relief), ovaries are normal for my age (aka not great shape) all ok. No obvious probs.

So where to from here?

Plan A- engage in the horizontal tango and hope for a natural and viable miracle pregnancy. In the next month.

So, in the likely event of that failing we move to…
Plan B – egg collection cycle. Harvest as many as possible, fertilise, biopsy and freeze. Depending on the number of embryos send biopsy to genetic testing.

Plan C – another egg harvest round, to get numbers up then send the lost for testing.

Plan D – have my sister do an egg donation.

At the moment the plan is A, then simultaneous B and D. This means that even if my eggs produce duds, we still have ( hopefully) viable embryos on ice ready to go. It may make the heartache of testing easier.

That said, I think that if these do not work, that is the end. It is a year later than my original quit point, but it will be our fourth IVF cycle, which was my earlier limit. And that is enough.

Things we have to think about – PGD

So, one of the things we did last week, just before I trotted off to the hospital, was spend an hour with the senior lab lady at our clinic talking about PGD. I have forgotten what the acronym is, but basically genetic testing our embryos before transfer.

There a number of issues to consider. We have ended up in this corner because none of my otherwise “perfect” embryos have ever taken and because I have 4 miscarriages as well. One of the main causes of these issues is aneuploidy. So, genetic testing for this. But not for potential translocation, because we have both already had karotypes done.

The clinic doesn’t do the tests, the biopsies get sent down South to another company. The cost is $$$$$.

We have to do a frozen cycle- ie we collect eggs, fertilise and then freeze all viable embryos. This is not an issue, was already on the cards. Possibly better, as allows for focus on egg maturing and collection without having to balance uterine lining.

We have to do ICSI. This is because the other fertilisation method of putting an egg in a bath of sperm means that there may still be genetic material of the failed ones plastered on the edge of the embryo, and that will contaminate the biopsy. Again, this is actually something we have done, so not an issue.

The biopsy for testing will be on day five. My clinic pretty much only does day 5 transfer anyway. Her reasoning was that the main drop off point is usually between days three and five and this way we only test ( and pay for) the really viable ones. And I have seen some stats ( different Aussie clinic) that show substantially better live birth rates for five day tested embryos. I have also seen conflicting info on this on various blogs. In general my clinic seems to prefer 5 day transfers, and the people testing are also proponents of this ( it’s another clinical group). Downside is the risk that there will be none appropriate for testing by that point.

We have not had great luck with embryos ( this was discussed). We have never had enough to freeze at the end of cycle, but we have always had at least one. And the overall stats were from 16 fertilised eggs we ended up with 4 transferable blastocysts. So theoretically, a protocol focused on egg quality, maturity ( an issue for me) and number could yield more. Plus, as it is a frozen cycle and the biopsies are frozen, we can do a couple of cycles and bank. The $$$ test covers up to 8 embryos. So we could do cycles up to that point ( it’s per embryo costing after that)

There are risks with freezing, but that was already a risk. There is the risk that we have none that are genetically normal, but that just means we don’t have to go through transfer before our hearts break.

One issue I was considering, what if we egg collect both me and my sister at the same time. That would yield more ( maybe). If we test all, and none of mine are normal, we go straight to the egg donor route….

Head in sand.

Struggling a bit. There are a couple of posts I want to write, but keeping my head in the sand for the moment.

So, some random moments

I finally worked out who keeps the dodgy Chinese restaurant round the corner afloat. It is very old school suburban Aussie Chinese. Shudder. Run by an old Chinese couple, adapted to the limited Aussie palate of the 1980s. I grew up with Northern California Chinese food- which is so not the same thing. For starters, it’s spicier. Anyway, the ambulance service seem to patronise the place, I drove past the other day and was shocked to see a couple of them waiting for the takeaway.

The new Al Yankovic songs are very entertaining. Today’s song was all about grammar! Yay. Word Crimes

I listened to a podcast about a woman getting an IUD for the first time. Interesting points about how many young women now never really know their natural cycle- they are on birth control from such an early age. One of them talked about how terrible her natural period was. All I wanted to do was laugh. Welcome to the world of trying to get pregnant.

Reading Sunday

So I finished three books off today- shall have to post about them. Failed to update my resume.

And the red patch under my belly button I thought might be infection is turning into a bruise. Note to self should I ever be foolish enough to have another lap, it isn’t the gas that gets me, it is the belly button. And it’s itchy, because I have a sensitivity to the adhesive. It’s sore when I transition from lying down to sitting, from sitting to standing and in the reverse.

We left the house once, to go the chemist for cough medicine for G. He’s still pretty sick.

Other than that, sat around reading. Very relaxing

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