taking it easy

Some brief math. 4 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilised, one transferred.  There was still one going that could maybe be frozn, but I suspect not. I have a loooong uterus apparently (they come in different proportions?!) and there was a bit of fiddling with the   transfer straw thingy.

And I have been told to take it easy.  No Pilates this weekend.  No raising the heart rate.

I am trying.  But have I managed to do any crafting. Ha!

microblog Monday- ‘Straya day

It’s Australia Day today.  A day to celebrate Australia- like July 4.  It has been getting increasingly “patriotic” with flags and stuff and our current PM has taken to knighting people on the day. Well it’s one way to get a republic I guess. Lots of citizenship ceremonies, beach activities and bbqs.

Anyway, a public holiday- so I have effectively had a 4 day weekend.  After the stress of Friday, the rest of the weekend has been mellow. I spent today watching the three Librarian movies.

I haven’t heard from the lab since Saturday, when they’d told me we had three fertilise.  Which is pretty good from four eggs.  They do call if they all fall over, but tomorrow is the tricky day.  As long as at least one survives until Wednesday afternoon it is ok.

not what I was expecting

So my sister had egg retrieval today and it was a bit of a bust. 4 eggs.  We knew it was going to be lowish, because only 6-8 follicles were visible, but that was unexpectedly low.  

I think she was disappointed.  Well, I know she was.  I don’t know what I am.  I am oddly pleased by the fact that I, the reproductive failure one, can still produce more eggs, but I suspect that is also because I was monitored more closely. And totally useless measurement, because she still managed the actual achievement of having a baby, which my body is not doing.  

So now we wait.  Maybe things will work.

I don’t think she is up for another round.  I don’t think I am.  Her worry going in was that there would be dozens of frozen embryos, that we would have an excess.  I did not laugh, I didn’t even say unlikely, all I said was that we would deal with it. It was her biggest concern, and she did acknowledge today, no longer an issue.

On the flip side, we looked after my niece for a few hours today.  It was the most we have had to do with her- usually we see her with other family members present, so don’t get much time.  I think it was a surprise to G to discover that certain personality traits are familial.  Apparently not all just about two year olds are that independently minded.  I would not know, the last toddler I spent a lot of time with was my little brother(he is now 9) and he was even more independently minded than the niece.  Not throwing tantrums or running off, just very certain about what was to be done and how they were going to be doing it.  

And it would appear my sister and I are on the same wavelength regarding parenting, which will help if this actually works.  

I don’t want to do this again

Just a very short post.  I think I am done with this whole reproductive science malarkey.  Technically yes, I still have a donor cycle we are in the middle of, with eggs being collected tomorrow and an embryo transfer next week if all goes well.

But I was reflecting how much easier it has been this cycle, what with the not having to inject, and I don’t want to inflict it on anyone else.  My sister couldn’t inject herself and has had to have someone do it each night!

So we will do this cycle, and if we are lucky there will be some frozen embryos as well as a transfer, but if not, that’s the end.

Of course, I totally reserve the right to change my mind.


Added later.  4 eggs!  So not many, I think this is really truly the end.

it is stressful

My sister is finding the egg growth process stressful. And to be fair there have been some hiccups- the meds not arriving, the place with her scan booking deciding she couldn’t be scanned, the next scan place taking their sweet time about sending the report.

She expressed some frustration over all of this, how stressful it was to be doing something where she had no control over the outcome, even though it was her body doing it.  And to add to the stress, all of the lovely hormones.  I laughed inside, because, yeah.

And then I commiserated.  

She has 6 follicles that are of a good size, so egg collection will be Friday.  Fingers crossed that there are some good eggs…


just things

Still chugging along.

My period finally came- three days late. But not too bad, it seems.  So I am on estrogen, prepping for a transfer.  Any tips from those who either had a frozen transfer, or a fresh from donor?  

My coworker is driving me a little bit nuts. All noise issues. She brought in a big stereo for her iPod, and while she keeps it low, I can still hear stuff, and her taste in music is not mine.  I can put my headphones on and do, but my phone is the main line so I can’t have the sound up too high, which means I can still hear it.  And she is having to do lots of stuff with the metal filing cabinet behind us, and she slams the drawers.  And she licks her fingers noisily after eating.  Anyone of those things would be irritating, but together in a day…  And I haven’t said much because I am too cranky to be polite.

I do have more posts about japan, but my iCloud was full, so my husband downloaded many pictures, so to update my posts I have to be on the computer and I am tired and lazy after the gym. But I am writing them, slowly.

I am judging entries  in a writing competition.  I think I got the dud ones.

microblog Monday- it’s on!

So, despite the drama of the meds (which are apparently ok) it is all systems go.  

My sister’s cycle started yesterday. So she starts injections tomorrow. Which is good.

Of course, MY period was due (really due, not just bs glow predicted) on Sunday. It’s late, really late. But I am not pregnant.  

Which will stuff up the fresh transfer.

I need to sort out a hotel for the night before, to make the morning easier- the rest of the time she will stay at my mum’s house. But drama with that plan, my mum is not so enthused. So we will have to tread carefully.

All this drama and stress, but I am still mellow from the holiday.

Fingers crossed all will be well.

And as distraction, we are booking tickets for a couple of games in the Asian football cup.  The stadium is five minutes from my office.

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