Getting rid of stuff and a book review

Trying to sort through stuff, and get rid of it. Apparently taking pictures of things helps people get rid of things- the picture stands in for the object. And marie kondo says that you need to hold objects.

So, i re-read these three books.  They are a series, i bought the first one in 2006 or so. A childrens series, i do remember enjoying them when i bought them. This time, not as much.

Set in the 1920’s the series follows a pair of siblings, whose parents have disappeared, as they search for their parents and discover the secret society they both worked for. They help defeat chinese pirates, miners for rare minerals and an ancient technology for creating weather.

The physical books are quite good in quality, lots of fold out maps and diagrams and nice solid covers.

And now i have reread them, i can let them go

I did stuff

Today I managed to get stuff done.  This was good, because I have been feeling frustrated at work, as if I do lots but accomplish nothing.  Today I came in and knocked two tasks off in 10 minutes (at least one turned out to be surprisingly fast). Then at the end of the day I wrote up two pieces of legislative change that just got introduced to parliament. I had my summaries up and done well before the big industry groups (who hadn’t done anything when I left work). 

I need to remember this. I do get things done

This one is for MelĀ 

I am reviewing a piece of draft legislation and the first example is someone called Hermione.  And the second example is someone called Harry.

Any guesses on the third example’s name?

It would be more fun if the legislation was on something appropriate like uses for dragons blood, but it is about complaints resolution.

Microblog Monday – catch up!

So, we are back from our very busy trip, and work was just busy when i got back. So i feel as if i am always trying to catch up.

There are a lot of big changes rolling through my industry at 1 July this year and it feels like everyone stuck their heads in the sand about them…

And some big birthdays in the extended families this year.  My fortieth means a big birthday for my day as well, just add thirty years to my age.  That is next weekend.  The weekend before this one was Greg’s nephew’s 21st- so we went to rocky for it.  J will turn 21 later this year, so we are making plans around that.

It’s been really busy, but i can’t remember anything!

So here’s a picture of my dark mark at a trivia night- i was bellatrix.

On holiday!

Partway through the arduous process of getting to Europe. We flew from brisbane to Seoul today, are staying overnight at a nice hotel (courtesy of KoreanAir) and will be flying to Paris tomorrow. 

Now i remember why i have not been enthused about travel to places far away- the endless time in a flying tin can.

Korean air has been pretty decent, i am looking forward to a flying visit to Seoul on our way home.


Some coral atolls off the coast of queensland