Microblog Monday – miscellany

An assortment of thoughts

My blog has had some Australian wildlife recently. Tonight I got to see another. No pictures though. We were hanging laundry tonight (due to pouring rain on Sunday, not all the laundry was done) and there was a weird bussing noise.  Not a moth but an elephant beetle.  Not dangerous, just large and clumsy. It would fall on its back, wave legs around, get right ways up walk one step and be back on its back. G eventually encouraged it into the garden (with water and a handy hanger).

I have been think about starting a grocery store visit YouTube channel.  Not how to, but rather showing what grocery stores look like in different countries.  Everyone thinks that their grocery is the normal one, but they are all different.  

I have been going through my photos, to find some convincing arguments for Australia. I take a lot of pictures of lizards. I don’t know that they will help.

I just finished “how to be a Tudor”, a bit of non-fiction history light- it’s very accessible and covers off daily life in the period.  I think I preferred the previous book- how to be a Victorian. 

I need a vacation. 

Yin yoga and rain

Not that the two are connected. I have recently discovered yin yoga.  This is yoga where you hold the poses for 5 minutes at a time, and it is very calming.  My gym has at least two of these classes- one on a Friday afternoon after work, and another on Sunday morning.  The Friday afternoon one has replaced the one I used to go to in the time slot.  I stopped going over a year ago, not sure why, and when I went in December, it was yin yoga. Over the break the class was suspended so I went back for the first session of the new year on Friday.

It is really good for destressing and setting aside the thoughts of the week. I then went to the Sunday one today. Very calming.  So I recommend yin yoga.

We have been in the middle of a heat wave- hot and humid. Today we finally got some rain. And of course, being Australia, we got some serious rain. Squalls through the afternoon – which were refreshing as we hung out in my dad’s pool, then torrents as we drove home.  The roads we took home were flooded at two points. One didn’t affect us, but the other required a detour.

The picture below is the other side of the road we were on- it’s a split road, and the side we were on is higher than the other side.  That’s an empty Mercedes. On the good side, because the road we were on is there, and the creek that runs through there is a culvert under it, the car won’t go too far.

Playing old games

So, I wrote about the mini NES we have.  After we played some Zelda with my sister, I remembered that I had downloaded Zelda onto one of my 3DSs. (Yes, I have more than one- that’s probably its own post). So I worked out which one and started playing through. The cartridge we had when I was younger had some save issues, and I don’t think we made it too much beyond the second castle as a result. I have now progressed quite a way though, admittedly with the help of online walkthroughs. I have also realised that I own another version of the original legend of Zelda game, on a game boy advance cartridge. The last year I lived in Japan I bought a game boy micro, in the special famicon edition and at the time they reissued a number of classic games as part of the same anniversary. So I have legend of Zelda one and two in Japanese. Along with a few other classics. I dug out my micro and put it on charge (still works) and the cartridge in there- a second hand copy of Paperboy- a game my brother owned.  I still suck at it.

This was such an awesome toy.



It seems resolutions are old hat, I keep reading about intentions for the new year.   I don’t know that I have either resolutions or intentions.  I did notice I was stressed towards the end of the year, and part of that was a lack of creative options in my life.  Life got busy, and creating got lost.  I then got more stressed.

So I want to make more time for creativity this year.  I have gotten off to a good start (that is how it works) with a few projects.  I am also doing a watercolour course in a couple of weeks. It’s pretty intense, two full days on the weekend! But it should be interesting

Just a normal day in the backyard…

This photo was taken in October, and we haven’t seen it since, but this is the back fence. And there isn’t a lot of zoom on this picture…

The worst bit? The Australians I showed the picture to, or talked to about this (including my husband) mostly said things along the line of “well it isn’t poisonous” and “it’s quite small”. Also mentioned was the detrimental effect (well, positive for us) on any local population of rats, mice and possibly possums.

Microblog Monday- planning

We are (sort of) in planning mode.

We are going to Europe in April, for a family reunion day. Yes, we will spend more time in the air getting there and back than we will at the reunion day. It is a family day that is held every year, but this year it is at a flying museum and my 96 year old grandfather will be there. We will be spending some time in Paris, some time with extended family and some time in London.

The tickets were bought before Christmas, but I have been hesitant to book other things. G is much more enthused about planning, so we have been booking hotels etc.  I think my optimum planning and booking timeframe is between 6 weeks out and 2 weeks out. I like to plan. But I like to change things as well.

 The Paris hotel is booked, my rellies have been contacted, the train is booked. 

Any tips or hints about Paris or London appreciated- the last time I was there was last century! (Barely)