It’s been an up and down process for our planned holiday. We were talking about Japan at the end of April (and both got our time off work book d) and then car had its problem. So the holidays were less likely.  Then we sold the car and were thinking maybe. We were going to book this weekend, but today I got an email from Jetstar (Qantas budget carrier) a sale on Japan flights! For when we were planning to go. So, for the price of one of us to go one way, we could both go.  All up, our flights cost a little over half of what we thought we would be paying! 

We have also booked our hotel. The time we will be there is one of the busiest holiday times in Japan. So some stuff will be crowded.


Good things

Things that were good today.

A tidy stationery cupboard.  The cupboard was delivered this week, so I got to transfer the mess of our stationery area into it.  Yeah, everyone who has ever seen my desk or my home is laughing right now.

Blue sky when I got home.  It’s late summer, and still light when we get home. And it’s nice to see blue sky after a rainy weekend and a week of threatened thunderstorms. 

My Qbox for February arrived today.  It was a surprise because the January one only arrived last week. I haven’t written about that yet. My Christmas present this year was two subscription boxes- 3 months of Qbox, which is an assortment of cute things, and a Korean beauty supply box.  

The theme this month was sweet (I think)

I appreciate the contradiction of trying to declutter and receiving boxes of new stuff but they are fun.

A tiny squishy animal. Like a tiny stress ball I guess?

 In action

A cute necklace. A squirrel having tea?

A new keychain 

Key chain

Erasers shaped like macarons 

A tiny box of stickers.

A hand warmer

And a few other things! 



Microblog Monday- habit building

These are not resolutions.  I am trying to build some better habits, to help me be happier. This is day one, so not much progress as yet.

1. Take time to craft.  I know I am happier when I am being creative.  But it is hard to take the time to do so. So, the goal is to take 10 minutes every day to work on the current craft project (or do a smaller one).  At the moment I am working on a knitted shrug, so this is easyish to pick up- but I have found it hard to do so.  So tonight I managed at least 10 minutes of knitting.  So a small start.  The goal is at least 10 minutes every day.

2. Exercise. For various reasons, the past few months have meant less physical activity.  So another small goal- 10 minutes of deliberate exercise every day.  Today was another easy one- I walked to the gym for a Pilates class- so more than an hour of activity!  The real challenge will be tomorrow and Thursday (I have a Pilates class at work on Wednesdays).

3. Appreciate the world around me.  I live in a beautiful city. There are everyday things to look at, but I don’t.  I was reminded of this looking at the pictures of my alma mater covered in snow. I need to show my space (subtropical sun). So trying to post a picture a day on Instagram.  I used to do this so easily – I maintained a project 365 blog for years.  And then I stopped. My picture today was of my orchid.

I don’t know if I will maintain these habits.  I want to try and find a cheap little diary tomorrow so I can mark them off each day.  Once the habits are a bit more solid I can look at adding more time or more complexity.


Weekend activity

Where does the time go?

A busy weekend.  The weather finally broke and we started getting rain on Friday. Not huge storms, but intermittent dumps of rain, interspersed with sunshine and blue skies.  Which made drying laundry fun. (We don’t have a dryer, we hang our laundry on an outside line). Luckily between the heat and the wind, most of the stuff dried in between rain storms. And two days of rain brought the temperature down. Yay.

We sold the old car on Saturday. I even forgot to take a picture. We opted not to try and sell privately, or do a trade in when we bought the new car, but went to a place that buys used cars.  Didn’t get as much as we might have gotten selling ourselves, but no headaches with buyers, no advertising, no having to deal with it for weeks while it doesn’t sell.  All good.

My kitchenaid has been getting a workout- making bread r gladly, and a cake this weekend and last weekend.

Not much else happening though! But still feel tired at the end of the weekend.

Good things

Thanks for all the comments.  February still sucks, but trying to count up the good things!

I went to the doctor yesterday as a follow up on the iron thing.  I had very good results! Very good, she said I had very good compliance, which was funny. 


My Christmas present was a few months of two different subscription boxes. One is a Korean beauty box, the other is a themed cute things one.  I got the beauty box last week and today I received a box of Totoro goods. Totoro is from a studio ghibli film.

It’s been stinkingly hot and humid the past week or so.  Really really humid, building up to a storm. The weather forecast has been for storms for that whole time and there have been storms to the north and south and west but not here.  And finally this evening it broke.  True, torrential rain does have problems, but it is finally cooler!

Watering idea!

It’s been a hot summer and my plants in pots are suffering.  For the last two years they have been on a deck, semi sheltered fo m the harsh midday sun.  Now they are outside in our courtyard with no shade and they are struggling.  I have moved some, but a comment from my co-worker about an experiment by his FIL inspired me.

We bought some Bundaberg soft drinks on our trip to Rocky.  The bottles are short and squat, glass with a pull tab top.

Size comparison


I fill them with water, and top with a piece of foil, folded several times.  I then pierce the foil.

I then place the bottle upside down in the soil of a pot.

It leaks out slowly. The one in the sage plant generally takes about 12 hours to empty.

The one in the Rosemary took more than 12 hours.

I have also used a plastic water bottle, but I like the glass ones better.  I imagine if I was using larger bottles (my co-worker’s FIL is using 2 litre soda bottles) it would take longer.  But my pots are small, and the little bottles fit better.

Blue Monday

I don’t know what it is, although probably hormones, but I just feel miserable today. No energy, nearly cried for no apparent reason in my work team meeting this morning and generally not having a good day.

It’s not winter, so I can’t blame the season (although the current heat and humidity are not fun).

I just feel down.  And I have just remembered that I used to call February the PMS month of the year- I always feel,sad/bad things happen and I don’t cope well etc.  I could say that the sad was brought by me remembering this, but I have felt down all morning and I am just remembering it now, so no.

February just sucks.  

I wish I could say that there were things that would help, but that is the other thing about February, even the things that should help go wrong.