feeling fragile

So, I took my last BCP on Tuesday night.  When I went on them, my husband expressed some reservations.  But I seemed to be fine while taking them.  Stopping them, not so much. The intention was to trigger my period early, so we could get an early December retrieval.  

So, on Thursday night I made brownies.  A big batch, so some in the square Pyrex I always use and a bit more in a new little rectangular tin.  The rectangular tin was fine, but I was in a hurry with the Pyrex, touched my little finger to something hot and dropped it on the floor.  The shiny white tiled floor (I seriously don’t like tiled floors for much, but renters don’t get a choice). Baked brownie and glass everywhere.  Very very sad. So my work got brownies, his work got a sultana cake.

And today. I was upset by my gym teacher, I was upset by a comment G made and walked into a sliding glass door, I got upset when we went shopping.  Not really a happy person.  I think the only reason I have been ok at work is because the office has been a bit empty this week and the person who sits next to me (who is very capable of saying the wrong thing) has been out of the office from Wednesday. 

But I finally got my period, which means that the later of the two days we were aiming for egg retrieval should be ok. 


So the G20 was in Brisbane this weekend.  It meant a public holiday on the Friday, which was great.

Our esteemed leader and the equally esteemed treasurer declared that the G20 was not for discussing climate change (they don’t believe in it and it’s more important to buy the coal Australia sells) but rather for discussing economics.  Well, Obama and China (China has a more enlightened climate change policy than us, that is just sad, embarrassing, frustrating) and the rest of the world put a spanner in the works on that font.

But as the icing on the cake Mother Nature decided to play with the weather. So we had record breaking heat.  For the couple of weeks it has been heating up, heading into 30 degrees (Celsius). That has been bad enough.  But for G20 we got a close to 40 degree day.  In mid November.  We haven’t had a day like that in close to 50 years.  Record broke in several towns in the region.  To put it in perspective, we sometimes get a few 40 degree days in late December and January. Not November.

Often my solution is easy-work has air-con.  But three day weekend!  So visits to the shopping centre, much water drinking and a visit to the much cooler Gold Coast beaches.

And once all of the leaders had left, back down to 30 or so, but with punishing humidity.  And then today a massive thunderstorm.  Flash flooding, lightning, pouring rain.  I drove home in it (yes I am that foolish) so I could go to the gym.  The water forced up manhole covers on the roads!  I went for hill top roads, because the volume of water on the lower roads was scary.

So it’s been a week of insane weather.

And in other news, I have been told to stop taking the pill, to trigger a period, and then cycle starts.

Just a question, for those who have done egg collection and freeze cycles.  How soon after egg extraction do you get your period? Is the normal cycle timeframe or shorter?


Progress in a number of areas.


We bought a set of scales a couple of weeks ago.  I “lost” 2 kg in the fours days after, as I was sick and so had no appetite and drank little water.  Then I returned to normal, and put 1.5 kg back.  In the last week or so I have lost another half a kg.  this is good. I was hoping to have lost 5 kg by egg retrieval in December, but that is unlikely.

Over the weekend I finished the embroidery part of my owl! Yay.  Now I just have to sew on the backing and stuff it!

In the beginning

and now!


It’s been quite challenging, I have practiced some new stitches, and some not so favourite stitches.


And today I picked up the meds for the egg retrieval cycle.  The plan is to get eggs, make embryos, biopsy and PGD them and freeze away. Complicated by the Christmas holidays, of course.  So today I spoke to the nurse, the drop dead must extract by date is dec 10. She isn’t too happy about having that as the target, so we will aim for dec 5.  Which means I will get to stop taking the pill very soon. This is why I won’t be losing 5 kg by egg retrieval.



microblog monday- in tune with the zeitgeist

Sometimes I feel like I pick up on trends and shifting opinions juuuust before they break through.  I don’t get much more than the vague knowledge that I knew about a new website, or trend or political moment before it was everywhere though. Sometimes I think it is just that I am aware of it that I see the stories.

A month ago I wrote a submission for work on fee disclosure in superannuation.  I included an analogy about how disclosing all the fees in each layer of investments would be confusing and about as useful as requiring the disclosure of the individual cost of each component of a car when you buy one.  It was not an entirely perfect analogy, but I thought a clear example of the requirement in a different context might help make my point.  The analogy stayed, even as much of my points were overwritten.

Today my manager comes to my section with a funny look and asks me where I got the analogy from.  Out of my own head, and perhaps some frustration with my car.  So, at the big industry convention last week, one of the major players (in the industry and in my state) gave a speech. She used a car analogy to talk about the industry.  It wasn’t mine exactly, as it was more about what the industry expects of members. But it was enough to ring bells for my manager.  Which means that the bigwig either read my submission (entirely possible) or I did just tap into the zeitgeist just before the wave broke?

It’s not bad, either way.  Either that part of my writing was good enough to catch the eye, which yay (although entirely uncredited as my name is not on the submission) or I am in turn with industry talk enough to write it. Which is also good, because I am meant to be aware of what is happening in the industry.

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

Christmas present dilemma

Oh the joys of extended families.

I tend to think that once a person has reached adulthood presents are a token of affection/connection, but do not need to be significant or extravagant.  Most of us can afford to buy what we want/need.

So. With G’s family we generally buy specifc (requested items) for J.  He’s G’s son.  We generally don’t buy anything for his mum, unless it’s a year where we are spending Christmas in proximity.  We have assisted J in his shopping in the past couple of years.  For G’s parents it’s usually a gift or rah of them, not particularly extravagant.  They generally get us store gift cards or Amazon credit.  For his brother and sister in law, we usually do gift cards, last year it was cinema money. For the nephew and niece, age based presents, usually including iTunes or the like.  On the years when we visit Rocky, the presents tend to bigger and more expensive.

My family is messy.  With my dad, his partner and my younger brother we do exchange gifts.  It’s fun to shop for my little brother, he is young enough that the toy aisle is still awesome. With my dad and partner it can be hit and miss, both ways.

With the family on my mums side- it’s my mum, my stepdad, my sister and her husband and daughter, my brother and wife, my two stepbrothers and their wives, plus this random family that is quasi family for my stepdad ( the B’s- and I am always not sure of how to present for them) Lots of presents, lots of misses. We are all reasonably comfortably off adults.  But some ( stepbrothers ) have a more inflated idea of what people will/should buy.

So last year we had a not so secret Santa for my mums side.  My brother and sister in law didn’t participate (already had gifts and were ambivalent) and the B’s weren’t invited.  It seemed to work ok.  This year the B’s have muscled in.  They are like surrogate grandparents/uncle to my stepbrothers.  There is no such strong connection for my siblings and I. I didn’t know they were in until after we said we were.  But, I did let my sister know and she decided to opt out on the grounds they will not be here for Christmas ( as they live on the other side of the country and rarely are). It sounds like my brother and wife also not participating. With my sister, we came to a no presents agreement,  my niece will get presents but adult gifts will not be a thing at Christmas. 

The thing is, most of us have existing tastes and preferences.  Unless specifically given instructions, it can be hard to find an appropriate gift.  Most things I really like, I buy (. Or they are too expensive and I don’t expect anyone else to buy them for me).  I think we live in an overly consumerist society as it is, I don’t like buying for the sake of it.  But handmade gifts don’t do it for everyone ( coincidence that the secret Santa was suggested they year after we went super homemade gifty, I suspect not). 

And we have the perfect out. We will be in Japan for Christmas, and won’t be buying presents for each other(but we will be engaging in some serious shopping).  I am looking forward to a nice, non-pressurised Christmas Day- in Japan it is a day to eat KFC and sponge cake with strawberries on top and go on dates.  

Not sure what my point is. It’s going to be super awkward if all three of us ( my brother, sister and I) tell my stepbrother that wewont participate in the gift exchange. So do G and I take one for the team?

So, the presents that were used appreciated the most from last year?   The orange coffee mug J gave me(chosen with assistance from G), which is used by both G and me. And some of the lush stuff I got from the gift exchange.

no zen here

It’s all go go go!

Lots of drama in picking J and the cats from the airport and getting the cats to the cattery. (It’s a long story)

And teenagers. Natures way of reminding one that those cute little toddlers turn into older people with opinions and attitudes that do not miraculously mirror those of their parents.  A reminder that having kids is not all frolicking on the beach and cleaning up the splattered oatmeal. It’s about assisting another person to become a capable, critical thinking member of society. Harder than it looks.

It’s going to be a weird week at work too, with lots of people opting to work remotely.

Not much to this post, a proper microblog, but a snapshot of my week to come.



So, I have spent most of yesterday and all of yesterday home sick with a nasty head cold.

Finally feeling somewhat better, but still sniffling.  And it’s going to be a busying weekend.  A birthday dinner tonight at my moms, a local street festival tomorrow, brunch out with a friend tomorrow, tidying up the back room as J is,coming for a visit.

I am not a good invalid (is anyone?) so it has been quite frustrating.

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