Lying in bed, trying to stave off the virus that has decimated my work ( 4 of 7 of us work today). Thinking

We went to see Monty Python mostly live in the cinema a month or so ago.  This is the filmed version of their last night of their live shows in London.  We went gold class ( the comfy seats and nice food cinema option) and took my Mum and stepdad.  They enjoyed themselves, G enjoyed himself.  Me, well I was a bit nonplussed. The jokes were kind of funny, but not hugely so.  It felt dated, and overly self indulgent.  

But, I am the wrong age, and of the wrong generation in a lot of ways (My husband will read this, and look up indignantly). I have grown up in a world influenced by their humour.  This makes it less strong than it was.  I can remember reading Douglas Adams ( Salmon of doubt) where he talks about looking forward to each new episode, how they were astounding to his schoolboy self.  Of course he was influenced.  I remember reading Hitchhikers in high school, and being blown away.  So the humour of the pythons is diluted, because I have experienced the result of it. Their groundbreaking humour is not ground breaking for me, that ground is already broken.  There are moments of hilarity, but only moments ( they totally stuffed up the dead parrot sketch, the one that would reliably make me crack up).

In the same way, the Beatles are not amaaaaaazing music to me.  They are something that has been around my whole life, something that has affected the music I listen to, but has not come with earth shattering impact.

I am trying to think of the things that I can point to that have had that “wow” moment in my life.  I think this is why Star Wars looms so big, for so many, it was a film that rewrote how people looked at movies.  And this explains the disappointment at the sequels, which is largely limited to adults, who did experience the first films that way.  Kids who had grown up with the trilogy always complete, who had always known who Darth Vader really was, were not as disappointed. 

Maybe there is the back to the future movies, terry Pratchett ( also influenced by MP), and computers/Internet/video games. I really think it is that last one.  I can remember the excitement of our first Nintendo  system ( also our last) and the games.  I few years ago I bought super Mario brothers for my game of advance( in Japan, on the anniversary of the famicon they rereleased the iconic games).  I played it a bit, and then stopped playing on my handhelds for a while.  One Christmas I let my niece (g’s side) play it.  She was eight, and did not know how to play a platform scroller.  Games were very different for her.  I feel like Michael j fox, in the 80s cafe.  That scene actually captured something more than it seemed to at the time….

So, while I don’t find Python ground breaking, I don’t see the Beatles as the bestest musical thing ever, I think the internet provided that groundbreaking thing for a lot of us.  Just quietly.  I could not have imagined blogging like this a decade ago ( even though blogging was around). I could not have imagined anything like this 20 years ago, when I was debating how to properly credit a transcript of an interview sourced on the web.  And the kids today just see it as something that exists.  It’s not amazing that the Internet gives you details of obscure movies, or fanfiction, or that you can find your (non computer geek) tribe on the net.  I include that last caveat, because I was aware that more of savvy people than me were using the net to find each other back then.

What nostalgia things do you think younger generations are going to go “meh” at?  The Simpsons?  I remember that starting too.  Oregon trail? I played SimEarth, before there was Sim City or the Sims.


Over the weekend I worked on my owl a little.  I finished the wings while watching Dr Who.

Then last night I started on the wing outline. Tiny chain stitches.  Have I mentioned my non-confidence on chain stitches?  This whole project is challenging my embroidery comfort zone, which is a good thing.

The first wing

Unlike the wing feathers, which took forever, I am already more than halfway!

The whole owl

Of course, once the wings are finished, I move to the head, which is all French knots.  I am not awesome at French knots.




We were kind of planning on doing an IVF cycle in September, including a biopsy and freezing.  The genetic counsellor was a stepping stone.  I have been procrastinating the call to the clinic.

Today I finally bit the bullet and called.  My period is due next week sometime (anywhere from Monday to Thursday) so need to sort stuff out soonish.  But I needed to make sure a biopsy could be done on the embryo(s). The nurse was going to call me back tomorrow, instead I got a call today.

The director of embryos, who would do the biopsy, is away that week we would expect to have embryos.  It is a no go on a September cycle.

I am. Not relieved, but I am not sad.  I wasn’t super focused on the cycle, which shows.  It gives us one more month to attempt a freebie baby.


I went for a walk at lunch, in my new shoes.  This was intended to be a benchmark walk, so I can make valuable comparisons in the future.  I am/was aiming for a goal of 10 min/km ultimately.  I was expecting to do around 12 min/km considering the first quarter km is on a narrow street, watching out for cars, and then waiting to cross a busy road.

I managed 10.42 min/km.  Which is a significant improvement on the 15 min/km I managed last Tuesday, the 12 plus minute per km I did in the fun run and the 13.55 min/km I did the week before that.  Shoes matter.  No incipient shin splints means a better walking pace.

So, my goal is actually pretty close, and I can then aim for 9 minutes.

microblog Monday- sorting woes

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

I sorted through my crafting stuff this weekend. We are heading to Fabric-a-brac next Saturday and I want to be able to get rid of the stuff I don’t want/need.

It’s hard.  One of the issues was how tempted I was to sit down and do the projects instead of sorting.

I am trying to finish the current project first.

I know I have more projects than I will ever complete, but I love thinking about the potential.


the odds are not in our favour

We both had a day off work today.  I originally planned this as simply a day off, knowing we have had a run of busy weekends.  But I had forgotten that today was our genetics counselor appointment.

So we slept in, went into town and had lunch then slogged to the appointment.  He explained some genetic and IVF stuff.  Nothing new, I have a university genetics course I took and the embryologist at the clinic gave us a talk as well, and basically the basic intro to genetics doesn’t change much. 

But what blew my mind, our odds of a successful pregnancy from a cycle with PGD (per embryo? I didn’t ask) are between 10-15 %. Ouch. And still better than someone older.  The guy was also not definitive on whether we need to do this.  We are talking about it because 4 miscarriages plus 3 failed IVF cycles is a flag that something is wrong. But the genetics report on the two miscarriages where we were able to test are both normal, and we have gotten pregnant normally.  

So he was on the fence- yes, we might get better results, but it is expensive and a bit risky.

Just great.  Still not sure.

10 books

So, there is this meme going around farcebook about 10 influential books, or movies.  I have been tagged.  But I am not a fan of posting on the book of face.  So, putting it here.

Books that have stuck with me

Some of these will be children’s books- books can have a much bigger impact as a child

1. Pride and prejudice- Jane Austen.  There is just so much to get out of the book, it was once the only book I took on a three day solo hike.  

2. Alanna- Tamora Pierce. One of the first fantasy books I read, with a very strong heroine

3. Warrior’s Apprentice- Lois McMaster Bujold. I would list the whole series if I could. Books that both entertain and make you think.  

4. Guards, guards – Terry Pratchett. Not the best of his, but the book that got me hooked on discworld.  Another author who entertain and make you think

5. My fathers dragon- Ruth stiles gannet. My second grade teacher read this to the class, and many many years later I tracked the series down ( in japan)

6. The drawing of the dark- Tim Powers- beer saves the western world.

7. Fire and Hemlock- Diana Wynne Jones- another author who I want to include all of her books.  Elements from this rebelling  of Tam Lin pops into my head at random moments.

8. To say nothing of the dog- Connie Willis. It is a toss up between this time travel romp and the awesome Bellwether.  Both really good.

9. In the garden of Iden – Kage Baker.  This is another one where it is the series, rather than individual books

10. Once a hero- Elizabeth Moon. A space opera book that convinced me to try others ( with varying levels of success). You can hide from your true personality, but under pressure, it will come out.


A List of 10 books, but ask me on another day and it may change.

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