Retail Therapy

So, we went shopping yesterday.  This was due to me spotting a target ad in the morning in the paper, showing some of their new work clothes options.  They looked good, and nice price so we headed to Carindale.

The shopping experience was educational, and confirmed a long standing belief. I have thought for many years that in buying home appliances, it is cheaper to go to Myer or David Jones (the two full service department store chains in Australia) than it is to go to Target or Kmart.  They have cheaper prices for the same item, more often than not.

Well, yesterday the clothes were better too.  Target, which usually does a good job of catering to those of varying size/height seems to have decided on one model for their skirts and she is tall and skinny.  The pencil skirt i tried on was mid calf, and not attractive.  The shirt failed to accommodate my chest.  Because those of us who inhabit the sizes above 12 are so flat chested, on average. no. And the gauzy dress that looked so good on the hanger- horrible on.  Made for twiglets.

All in all, a really depressing, deflating experience.  We headed to Myer, because it was en route to another store, that I usually like, and because G needed new work shirts.  We didn’t have much luck on that front initially, but wandering to the stairs we went through the big is beautiful section.  There was a rack of leona edmiston wrap dresses on 75% off.  G was not impressed with them, but I was and trekked off to try them on.  Lo and behold, not only was I trying on the size below the size that strained at Target, they fit nicely and made me look good.  Even better- two dresses (with a starting price of $150 each) and a gauzy top came to $50 altogether.  Cheaper and nicer.  Happy camper me.

Then we did manage to dig up some work shirts for G and made our way to the other store- Jacqui e, which yeilded two more skirts, in the same size.

Lesson learned- Target may offer larger sizes, but that’s because they small sized them, so they really have the same range as everyone else.

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