My blog stats have fallen off a cliff, perhaps because I haven’t been writing. And my favorite part of the stats no longer shows up properly, due to interaction. Between google and wordpress. I used to be able to see what searches landed people on my blog ( and some of them were… Interesting). I can kind of tell when common searches are happening, because certain posts pop up. Apparently there is worldwide interest in animals made from veggies. And this interest is constant.

Life meanders along. Work is both tedious and tiring. Lots of document review of procedures. Boring and somewhat pointless. I have gotten better at weeding out the truly pointless though.

We bought an over locker on the weekend. A cheapie in Aldi inspired a visit to cash converters, which resulted in a new to me Elna coming home. Stay tuned for adventures in threading it.

So looking forward to easter 4 days off, followed by 3 days of work then another public holiday (ANZAC day). And these public holidays are the ones where everything truly shuts. More sacred than Christmas holidays in a way ( and from a religious point of view, Easter is more important than Christmas).

I am not talking much about infertility at the moment, mostly because we are in a holding pattern. The upcoming holiday means that not much energy or money to do another IVF round, and the possibility of going elsewhere for work means reluctance to plan ahead beyond June. It’s been over a year since my last IVF, not sure I want to go through all of that again. I am currently on CD 28 and not sure. Not feeling pregnant, but not feeling imminently NOT pregnant either.

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  1. Things are slow in my corner of the blogosphere too- also because I haven’t had much time to write. Just wanted to let you know that I’m still here and reading! I’m looking forward to Easter as well, though I have to work on Monday. Boo! I have five days off before that, though, and three days off after, so I suppose I can’t complain!

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