Insights and minor achievements.

I was not fooled by any Internet April fools. I loathe practical jokes so this makes me happy. I did however manage to catch all 150 Pokemon in the google maps extravaganza. I didn’t find the secret 151st one, but that’s because I chose not to.

I also really liked the dear author one, which fooled G for a little while….

I managed to clear most of my document review inbox at work, only to have that accomplishment thwarted by the fact that the admin doc submitter decided to submit 10 procedures… It’s ok, because I suspect several will not require an actual review. I can skim over and say no review required.

I decided to try a standing desk experiment- in part because I saw a tv comment about how sitting is not good for our health and in part because I can feel myself slumping in the chair. So, I used a couple of archive boxes to create a higher surface for my keyboard and mouse. My screens can be set up so that I can see them and do work. This was how I reviewed most of the documents, and I stood for about 3 hours. Due to the not quite flat nature of the boxes, extended typing is best done sitting. Anyway, not sure about the other health benefits, but I slumped less. And I had a weird additional reaction- after about an hour I started pooing. Not actual standing at my desk, but the standing seems to have fired up the various bowel systems.

I’ve gotten to flex my research muscles a little this week- left field queries that require thought.

I am sure there are more achievements, I just don’t know what.

4 thoughts on “Insights and minor achievements.”

    1. I think it might just have been me, on that day. No one else complains about it, and it didn’t happen today.

  1. I’m not sure I could handle standing in one spot for three straight hours. I’m on my feet all day at work, but mostly, I’m moving around. Any time I have to stay in one place for any length of time, my feet start to throb. Totally weird about the pooing… That totally made me laugh. I’ll have to think about why that would be- maybe just the change in angle allowing gravity to do it’s work a little easier than it would while sitting? Who knows?

    1. Yeah, the standing still does hurt a little, but there are things that can help. But I think even standing/ moving for a little while causes foot ache, so working on toughening up.

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