We had some plans for things we were going to do.  Monday was supposed to be Koya-San a mountain with temples, then switched to the whiskey tour, but that was fully booked.  

So monday was a sleep in, some shopping for warm clothes and then a successful expedition to DenDen town. We had come close before but we actually found it.  Yay.  Is at in a cafe and read while G looked around.  

Then we went back to a nearby kitchen goods shopping street- yep, a shopping arcade dedicated to various kitchen/restaurant elements.  We had found that on our way to denden town.  I had snapped a picture of the left handed knives and sent it to my sister.  She was very enthused, so we bought her one.  After a bit of cross continental messaging!  Yay for iMessage.


The shop was mostly about various sharp edges. As well as a few iron teapots- I want but I don’t know how to managed the luggage weight issue.

There were several shops- some general kitchen wares, others much more specialised.

After this we headed to Spa World- an onsen(hot spring/bath) complex.  It has a swimming and slide area, where you wear a swimsuit and two floors of gender separated baths.  G had my suit, so I waited in the slide floor for an hour (I did get my kindle) because he thought the baths were going to be first.  Once this was sorted, it was a nice place, if a bit empty (Monday night) and a bit old feeling.  Nice and relaxing.  I love going to onsens!

Afterwards we ended up walking through Americamura(?) a slightly dodgy but trendy area with many restaurants.  

Not sure what we did for dinner, but for dessert we got a special set of cakes.

One of the cake shops in the department store basement has this set of cakes, based on one of my favourite fairy tales “Snow white and rose red” 

I got the chocolate bear king

G got the little house (lemon flavoured)


The next day we had a print session at the Ukiyoe museum



I thought I had more pictures of the streets in the area, but they must have been on the big camera, not my phone.  I will try to put them up later.

We wandered around the area and then headed back to DenDen so G could show me.  So many old video games!


Rival maid cafes promoters…

One of the original Nintendo systems…


Dinner was sushi (first time in all of our trips to Japan!)

Wednesday we tried to go to a museum, but it was closed.  This is one of the frustrations of this time of year- a lot of places close for the end of year holiday.  Not for Christmas, but for new year.  We wandered down the local shopping street- much more working and daily life than some of the other ones we had been down.

I think we went back to the Shinsaibashi and Namba area to look at shops, but I honestly can’t remember.  Mellow.

I do want to do posts on the food, and the hotels.