microblog monday- back home

After a long trip (well, not as long as the trip back from the USA), we are back home.

And the unpacking has begun.  We need to do laundry, but it has been raining on and off all day, so only one load was done- we have somewhat protected lines, but the rain came with wind, and it was driving across the deck, so only a little load of laundry.

And the unpacking is being done carefully, so that all of the things we bought find a home.

I bought a few lucky bags in Japan and a couple of them came with multiple phone charms.  Way more than I can ever use.  So G has suggested I give some away via this blog.  Thoughts?  I still need to sort through all of the stuff to ensure I find all of them!

6 thoughts on “microblog monday- back home”

  1. What is a phone charm?

    Good luck with the unpacking. It’s always the hardest part of the trip because as you take everything out, you remember using it on the trip… sigh. But glad you’re home.

    1. Phone charms are the little dangly things you can attach to your phone, if it has the right notch. Very popular in Japan and Korea. A popular souvenir. I use them for keychains and USB tags.

      Unpacking is sad, but it is fun to see the stuff we bought come out of the suitcases!

  2. I lived in Japan between 1993 and 1996. Loved it. I haven’t been back since but we have plans to return in 2019. Phone charms are sweet! Whatever you do with them, enjoy! I so adored all the little things I brought back from Japan and I’ve shared many of them, but some I just cannot bear to part with.
    Good luck with the unpacking!

    1. Thanks! Japan will probably have changed a lot, and yet be much the same. It is interesting to see the changes over ten years.

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