Five things I liked this week 14/01 – 20/01

1. Lifeline bookfest is on! The southern hemisphere’s biggest second hand book sale. We went on Saturday (14 Jan) as I can’t go this weekend or on the Sunday.  We includes G and Elle. G bought one book, although I also bought one for him as well, but Elle and I both acquired a number, including (for me) some vintage crafting magazines from the 70s.  

2. Yin yoga again tonight.  Very calming. I am thinking this will probably become a very regular class for me.

3. I have started eating veggies for breakfast.  One packet of those steam in the bag frozen veggies, a handful of frozen blueberries and some cheese. Lots of comments but filling, tasty and good for the digestion.

4. A walk in air con last night.  Brisbane is sweltering through a heat wave and so we went to the mall last night for an air conditioned walk.  

5. Not really a good thing- but I am heartened by the significant number of posts about protesting trump on facebook feed. Silver lining that it has woken up people to the need for continuing work on the progressive cause?

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