Getting rid of stuff and a book review

Trying to sort through stuff, and get rid of it. Apparently taking pictures of things helps people get rid of things- the picture stands in for the object. And marie kondo says that you need to hold objects.

So, i re-read these three books.  They are a series, i bought the first one in 2006 or so. A childrens series, i do remember enjoying them when i bought them. This time, not as much.

Set in the 1920’s the series follows a pair of siblings, whose parents have disappeared, as they search for their parents and discover the secret society they both worked for. They help defeat chinese pirates, miners for rare minerals and an ancient technology for creating weather.

The physical books are quite good in quality, lots of fold out maps and diagrams and nice solid covers.

And now i have reread them, i can let them go

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