How is it December

This year seems to have galloped past. I feel like it should be may, not December.  So much to say, so little space and brain capacity to say. Both Mine and G’s last surviving grandparent (paternal grandfather for both of us) died this year.  I didn’t make it to my grandfathers funeral (but he had an obituary published in the Guardian!) but we did get to G’s.

Work has ben busy and frustrating. 

We had a third opinion consult on the whole trying to have a baby thing. As a result we may be taking a holiday to the Czech republic of spain next year.

We are heading to japan in a couple of weeks. Yay!

That thing i was knitting in the last post (still knitting) is a scarf, just knitted lengthways.

Something i made a couple of months ago, while we were still voting in the most annoying non-vote ever for the most obvious result and the greatest trauma. (Australia had a non-binding postal vote*survey* on whether we should allow gay marriage) because why should our elected representatives do what they are paid to do. The answer, surprising few, was yes)

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  1. Oooh, Japan and then travels next year too! How exciting. I’ve only been to Prague in the Czech Republic, but would love to see more. And Spain was fantastic – there’s so much to see there. Stay away from the beaches though – they are not what we are used to in the south Pacific.

    Nice cross-stitch. I am assuming only a few politicians were surprised at the result. So much for politicians being in touch with the people!

    1. Thanks! I have been to Prague and a little bit outside (high school trip), but I think a lot has changed. And the beaches in Europe are never as good as South Pacific… or at least I have never found the ones that are.

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