Its January, and i don’t feel too busy, but i was so frazzled yesterday i forgot to write a post. I was talking about my commitments last year and they commented how did i fit it all in?  I don’t think i am that busy.

I work full time- office job, all about the thinky.

I am a member of QCWA (queensland country womens association) and am one of the vice presidents in my branch, which means that i do a bit of work. Theres is a branch meeting each month, a committee meeting and a knitting and crochet night.  Sometimes there are extra things, but no this month.

I am volunteering at the 2018 commonwealth games on the gold coast.  At the moment this doesnt require much. I had to do some online training and have an in person training at the beginning of February. I will be pretty busy during though!

I belong to a book club.  We meet irregularly (next meeting is the same day as comm games training). Its mostly a lunch and chat thing.

I play touch footy once a week (touch version of a rugby variant) it is mostly a social thing, we are in the bottom rung of the comp.  first game this year is next week.

I also belong to the good intentions book club, which has not met since its founding in 2014…

I go to the gym a couple of times a week

I also like to catch up with friends not in any of those groups and i have a husband who seems to think i should spend time with him 😉


Thats not so much? But i feel a bit frazzled at the moment.  I think that is more coming back to work after three weeks off, and still being a bit off due to the ongoing cough

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