I bought my desk calendar tonight.  I don’t usually leave it this late, but i generally wait until they are on half price. The choices were poor- a live life better, a to do list (every day was a different format of a blank to do list), sudoku, crosswords, a things to do in a boring job, a paper airplane every day and an origami every day.  I ended up with the origami. 

I like having a desk calendar, but i rarely do the activity they hold (last years calendar is a Johanna basford colouring in one – i have coloured in about 4 pictures and given away about 10). 

I already have a to do list notepad and i have an undated weekly desk calendar- i didn’t use it for several months last year.  I do have electronic calendars, but for some things paper is better. But i have noticed fewer people have and use paper now, which limits the number being sold and therefor my options.

2 thoughts on “Calendars”

  1. Were you not tempted by the paper airplane each day? I saw it in the shop. But not half price yet :)
    I will give it a closer look, see if they have the origami version. I hope you can take the page itself to fold the origami?

    1. I was tempted by the airplanes! It was a choice between the two. Each days page can be used for the next days origami.

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