Microblog Monday- thoughts

A collection of thoughts

I have been doing a lot of reading about minimalism. It is an interesting idea, but i think the ability to be a minimalist requires an immense amount of privilege and resources. I have a lot of thoughts about what living a minimalist life entails, so this may come back.

Its a shock to the system going from 3 degrees to 34 (celsius).

Still trying to get my head around the idea that it is 2018.  

I finished one rainbow and started another


Looking for some new books/authors.  I read several harlequin presents on holiday, i think i have reached a surfeit.  



3 thoughts on “Microblog Monday- thoughts”

  1. I like this collection of thoughts. I agree with your opinion of minimalism. Though I’m doing a decluttering project this year, it is not to become a minimalist.
    34 degrees is too hot in my book. But at least it isn’t 47!
    Good luck with new books and authors. Sadly, I haven’t really read many (any?) in the last year I’d enthusiastically recommend.

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