Microblog Monday- reading and audiobooks

I have been listening to a few audiobooks recently. Partly because my old phone is now basically an mp3 player on our alarm clock and i also now have audible on my phone. So far it has been mostly re reads. I have been listening to various discworld books at night. They are quite good because the story is only part of the appeal, it is the insights and the characters that i enjoy, so i can listen until i fall asleep without worrying that i have missed something.

On my audible account i have started a couple of new books, but also listened to ones i read years ago. Listening is a very different experience from reading. I think i prefer rereading books in audio because of my other reading quirk.  I often (usually) will read the end of the book before the rest.  I need to have an idea of what is coming up to fully enjoy the book.  I don’t like overly suspenseful stories.

I find it really interesting that there has been such a boom in audiobooks recently.  Is it because we all now carry around portable players (phones) so we are used to listening? Or was there always this pent up demand that no one was catering for? My mum preferred to listen to books when we drove long distances, so consequently i “read”quite a few interesting books.  I can remember sneaking out to the car for the final tape of “far from the madding crowd” because we arrived home with about 20 minutes left. For a long time i preferred just to listen to music, but podcasts have lured me back.

A good narrator is important.  I am ambivalent about one author, i like her books, but the narrators she has don’t work for me and it is putting me off her books.

Microblog Monday- thoughts

A collection of thoughts

I have been doing a lot of reading about minimalism. It is an interesting idea, but i think the ability to be a minimalist requires an immense amount of privilege and resources. I have a lot of thoughts about what living a minimalist life entails, so this may come back.

Its a shock to the system going from 3 degrees to 34 (celsius).

Still trying to get my head around the idea that it is 2018.  

I finished one rainbow and started another


Looking for some new books/authors.  I read several harlequin presents on holiday, i think i have reached a surfeit.  



Microblog Monday- planning

We are (sort of) in planning mode.

We are going to Europe in April, for a family reunion day. Yes, we will spend more time in the air getting there and back than we will at the reunion day. It is a family day that is held every year, but this year it is at a flying museum and my 96 year old grandfather will be there. We will be spending some time in Paris, some time with extended family and some time in London.

The tickets were bought before Christmas, but I have been hesitant to book other things. G is much more enthused about planning, so we have been booking hotels etc.  I think my optimum planning and booking timeframe is between 6 weeks out and 2 weeks out. I like to plan. But I like to change things as well.

 The Paris hotel is booked, my rellies have been contacted, the train is booked. 

Any tips or hints about Paris or London appreciated- the last time I was there was last century! (Barely)

Microblog Monday – bits and pieces

So many things to write about, but none that fall into my mind.

So some bullet points

  • It’s finally raining! This weekend was supposed to be wet, but the rain has held off until Monday night and it is pouring.  This is good, but due to the poor design of our house, frustrating.  None of the windows or doors has any overhang or eave to speak of, so we can’t leave them open during a storm, as the rain comes in.  Open windows in a storm is a really goo way to cool the house, and we can’t use it. 
  • I finally sewed together the drop bear softy I bought two years ago from spoonflower and managed to give the fabric I bought for my sister so she could make one to her.   Don’t know what a drop bear is? Google that and hoop snakes! 
  • I need to start contacting family in England obout our planned trip. We are heading to England in April for a Family reunion thing and some sightseeing
  • I made a lemon berry trifle for Boxing Day, and while I wasn’t there while it was eaten, it was apparently a hit.  I also made a vegan version.
  • Hoping 2017 is a better year than 2016

Microblog Monday – observations

Nothing too deep, just some observations.

I went bra shopping on the weekend. Apparently lace trimming is in. I do not like lace trimming, but it was unavoidable.  I am a little concerned about the amount of frilliness- why do the companies feel that we need this level of frill and lace? Than again, I was in an outlet store, so maybe this is what is not selling.

I take my lunch to work wrapped in a fabric square. I have done this for years (started when I lived in Japan, where it is normal), and now my husband does too. People comment on this a lot, and there are good reasons, but no one else ever tries it. Not sure why not.

We went to see ghostbusters for the second time tonight. Yes it has flaws, but it’s good. It was interesting to note that a good percentage of the other viewers had seen it before- it is a rewatch film. And the theatre was a third full (20 people in a 50 or so theatre).

We saw the new Bourne movie last week. It was not good.  It would be better to see ghostbusters again.  It does seem to be a trend of disjointed action sequences without a real emotional payoff, and where the whole evil plot is a focus on the hero and revenge.- see also the latest Bond movie and the most recent Mission Impossible.  Oddly enough it doesn’t make for the best movie.

Yes I am playing Pokemon Go. I find it a little bit worrying that some of my family assume that I will know what I am talking about then they ask about it (not using the correct name) but my sister actually bet that I wasn’t playing!

Microblog Monday- snippets

Another week where I don’t have a big idea, just snippets. Trying to talk about positive things this week.


  • The conservative town I lived in through junior high and into high school had its first ever Pride parade this year! it popped up in my Facebook feed as a story from the newspaper, and I looked.  It wasn’t big, but it happened.  Progress! 
  • The whole applying for new jobs and telling my boss about it appears to have had a positive effect on my salary. Huh.
  • We had a very wet weekend, again. Winter is not usually wet.  For the severely drought affected areas in the state, this is really good- it’s actually raining there!  Not enough to completely erase the drought, but a repreive all the same.
  • We bought a sandwich press this weekend and have been enjoying gourmet cheese toasties ever since!
  • It’s winter, but I am enjoying watching birds fly around the trees outside my window at work.
Trying to stay positive- there has been enough bad news recently.

Little things

No cohesive post, just a selection of thoughts.

  • Winter has come to Brisbane. Those of you who live in colder places may laugh, but if feels so cold (temp somewhere between 11 and 18 degrees Celsius in the day so not that cold) and windy. The problem is, the buildings here are built for heat, and to collect breezes, not for the cold (when they still collect cold breezes). And the clothes are also designed more for heat than chilly days.  When you live somewhere colder, a lot of infrastructure is designed to protect people, and give access to warmth.  Here it definitely isn’t! So lots of complaints of how cold it is!
  • We tried to fix my $10 garage sale sewing machine this weekend. It was running, and then we tried to wind a bobbin, a wheel was turned and we broke a gear? So, off to the repair shop it will go.
  • I wore a dress today that I haven’t worn much- mostly because of the neckline. And I got several compliments on the colour and how I looked in it. Which is good, because I seem to buy a lot of clothes in variations of that shade!.  And the neckline spent most of the day covered by my (lightweight) scarf.
  • At work we are updating the text we use for a training course.  One other coworker and I have been reviewing alternate chapters.  She had a chapter with a grammar issue that really irritated her (and didn’t show up in mine), which was the use of “it’s” where “its” should be used. Then I had a chapter where one of my bugbears popped up! Lots of bullet point lists, with no punctuation at the end, and no use of “and” or “or” at the end.  And these are not simple lists, but extensive points.  Grrr.
  • I have a trivia night next week where my team is the Royal tenenbaums, and I have no idea of what to do as a costume. Help!
Happy Monday!
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