Random thoughts Thursday

The week seems to be  passing oddly. Tuesday felt like it should be Thursday, but today feels like Wednesday. 

Watching the Murdoch mysteries on tv.  So many little digs at contemporary culture!

Somehow i have managed to book something for every weekend for next 6 weeks. Not sure how that aligns with relax more.

I don’t want a website to monitor my every move and only show me certain things.  I dislike that level of intrusion and attempted mind reading (and i like it less when it fails)

I fell down an internet rabbit hole when i self diagnosed as a highly sensitive person (it is very weird when you can recognise some very specific traits in a description)  i would have more faith in the description if one of the websites detailing coping methods didn’t offer to help me find my past lives.

My boss has started watching the handmaids tale and is talking to me about it. I haven’t yet- i read the book years ago.  I have come to the conclusion that i don’t actually watch that much tv. It’s on in the evening, but a lot of the time we have the news channel on.  I consume more media (articles and podcasts) about pop culture than i consume pop culture.


Making things

These are two of the origami things i have made with my calendar.

Just in case they are not obvious, this is a penguin and a dove.  So far the origami options have not been great.


I also did some work on my rainbow.  I finished one off last week and started the next.  This picture is from last week, the rainbow is done now, just the cloud to do.

5 things I liked this week 6/1/18- 12/1/18

It has been an interesting week. Things that i like


1. Being home. We arrived home on Saturday and it is nice to sleep in our own bed, with soft pillows. Japanese hotel pillows are not plentiful and tend to be on the hard side, often with large beads/ beans on one side.

2. Monday night crafting with QCWA. A chance to relax and catch up. What i was working on

3.  I finalised the AVETMISS reporting at work. It is an annual obligation, with a due date of the end of feb (the training industry struggles with reporting?) and i sorted ours out so early!

4. I tried a new gym class. It has been a bit hard to get to the gym this week, but there was a convenient class at the branch nearish to my work. It is a pilates reformer class using additional props, i havent tried it before and it was pretty good.  Given my lack of gym for the last month, the fact i finished is also good.

5. Animal crossing pocket camp. It is a mobile phone game based on the popular nintendo game (i have one on my 3ds). Non competitive, wandering around collecting resources and exchanging them for other resources. 


Its January, and i don’t feel too busy, but i was so frazzled yesterday i forgot to write a post. I was talking about my commitments last year and they commented how did i fit it all in?  I don’t think i am that busy.

I work full time- office job, all about the thinky.

I am a member of QCWA (queensland country womens association) and am one of the vice presidents in my branch, which means that i do a bit of work. Theres is a branch meeting each month, a committee meeting and a knitting and crochet night.  Sometimes there are extra things, but no this month.

I am volunteering at the 2018 commonwealth games on the gold coast.  At the moment this doesnt require much. I had to do some online training and have an in person training at the beginning of February. I will be pretty busy during though!

I belong to a book club.  We meet irregularly (next meeting is the same day as comm games training). Its mostly a lunch and chat thing.

I play touch footy once a week (touch version of a rugby variant) it is mostly a social thing, we are in the bottom rung of the comp.  first game this year is next week.

I also belong to the good intentions book club, which has not met since its founding in 2014…

I go to the gym a couple of times a week

I also like to catch up with friends not in any of those groups and i have a husband who seems to think i should spend time with him 😉


Thats not so much? But i feel a bit frazzled at the moment.  I think that is more coming back to work after three weeks off, and still being a bit off due to the ongoing cough


I bought my desk calendar tonight.  I don’t usually leave it this late, but i generally wait until they are on half price. The choices were poor- a live life better, a to do list (every day was a different format of a blank to do list), sudoku, crosswords, a things to do in a boring job, a paper airplane every day and an origami every day.  I ended up with the origami. 

I like having a desk calendar, but i rarely do the activity they hold (last years calendar is a Johanna basford colouring in one – i have coloured in about 4 pictures and given away about 10). 

I already have a to do list notepad and i have an undated weekly desk calendar- i didn’t use it for several months last year.  I do have electronic calendars, but for some things paper is better. But i have noticed fewer people have and use paper now, which limits the number being sold and therefor my options.


It was not a good flight back.  As of two weeks ago, the flight was half empty.  It was a full flight. Completely full, unexpectedly at the last moment. We landed at cairns at 5 am, and our flight from there to brisbane was leaving at 10. Not a good time to sit around a tiny airport.

Next time we go to japan, i think we may be looking at other options.  The budget airline we used is appealing because it has the most flights there, but the need to go through cairns is rough.  

Its nice to be home- my own bed, my own pillows.  The heat at home is not great- we have gone from chilly winter to heatwave summer.

I will write up our further trip adventures, but so tired right now…