dang it

I think it is just my body realising that I am upping the exercise and cutting the kilojoules.  I am starving by lunch.  I don’t have much energy when I go for a walk, I am slow and struggle.  It doesn’t help that my favourite stretch of the walk is off limits until mid 2015 (bikeway upgrade). Hopefully it will be better next week.  I still went to Pilates tonight and am booked for tomorrow again.

I rang the clinic to see if we could schedule our next round of IVF for my next cycle (as in starting next week).  It’s been two years since we did a cycle, I’ve been putting it off and it feels like fate conspires against us. Last time (for this cycle) the absence of the head embryologist at a key point meant no biopsy, so no cycle.  This time, it’s political.  My city is hosting G20 in November due to this, we have an extra public holiday and lots of services will be limited.  My clinic is in the restricted zone. The hospital is in the restricted zone.  The day surgery theatres will be shut.  Guess when my potential egg retrieval would be? So no cycle this month. Definitely on the cards for December, but if my cycle is a little later than expected, that will also have issues (we will be heading to Japan).

Look what I saw today on my walk.  I took a picture and at the sound, the head turned and I got a better shot 


I am feeling pretty well, physically, this week.  My walks are averaging below 10 min per km, which is good.  And in my Pilates reformer classes, both my Tuesday and Wednesday teachers talked about how,tough their class would be, but the level one options were mostly not challenging for me.  This is interesting, I tend to prefer the classes that don’t try to be “tough” but rather focus on getting the technique right.  It tends to be a more intense workout, but even so I stick to the level one options in most classes, but I think I need to start challenging myself more.

So, I seem to be getting fitter.  Incrementally.  Yay.  I can’t tell you if this has affected my weight, as our scales are broken.

#Microblog Monday- weekend achievements

I could write a Longer post on both of these, but not yet.

On Saturday we went to OzComicCon and someone from the online news site took our photo!

I did find it interesting, a few women complimented me on my Cosplay, but no pics apart from the professional photographers.  And the women who commented on my costume were all older.

Edit: link not working so  http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/entertainment/punters-steal-the-show-at-brisbane-oz-comiccon-20140906-10dftu.html

I want to include a copy, but not sure of copyright issues, so link it is

And on Sunday we walked in the Bridge to Brisbane race

I am not happy with my/our time, but I did get shin splints


So, a busy but productive weekend.  


Keep on walking

Those who are my friends on facebook may have noticed a lot of posts recently about me walking some distance in a certain time frame.  Sorry.  That’s my new iPod and its Nike function.  I already had the Nike plus sensor with my last iPod, but this version has a pedometer in the player itself, so I can track how many steps I take.  It’s pretty good.  There is an interactive Nike site, where steps (and workouts) earn nike points, which take you round world cities.  Very addictive.

It is also frustrating because I can see how few steps I actually take. Ideally, 10,000 steps a day is a good average.  IN the past, when I lived in Japan I had a pedometer in my phone.  I used to average 5000 recorded steps on the days I worked (and I didn’t have it with me while I was teaching, so the count would be low) and on my weekends close to or over 10,000 steps.  Often I would crack 15,000.  Oh the joys of no car ownership.

Last year we had a pedometer challange at work, and while my steps rarely got up to 10,000, thw fact that I was playing soccer three times a week helped push my average up.  I would input the amount of time and the intensity (casual or not) into a calculater and it would tell me the step equivelent.

Now, with this one, I am usually getting between 5000 and 7000 a day.  Of course, it isn’t tracking my soccer training (not risking an iPod on the field) or any of the Pilates classes.  But it is picking up most of my day- especially since I wear it as a watch.  So it is frustrating to realise how few steps I do.  I have learned what activities result in step amounts- a walk to our local postbox and back is worth 1500.  Going an extra block to the post office in town from work will net 1000 extra.  But none of this is quite enough to get me up to 10,000.

It is so easy to forget how little exercise we actually get in today’s world.  We drive everywhere, take elevators instead of stairs and have so many conveniences.  It is the little incidental extras that can really make the difference.  I barely used to notice the extra walk from home to the bus stop and then to work from the bus stop, but that would probably add a few thousand steps a day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator also makes a difference, but is often hard in modern office buildings- the stairs are locked off.

I am going to keep trying though.