Egg retrieval is done! Yay!  My clinic does it in the hospital next door (not sure if this is standard in Australia, or just this clinic). So the option of no anaesthetic does not exist.

It’s day surgery, and because it is quick, the egg retrievals are usually first up on the surgery roster with the doctor.  I was the last scheduled, at about 10 ish.  We went in at 9, talked to the nurses about some stuff then I headed to the hospital and G went to see the scientists and provide his “sample”. We both also had to have blood taken, another thing the clinic didn’t do (they could in a pinch, but aren’t in practice). Mine was done by the anaesthetist, G had to go to the pathologist in the hospital.  

It was a pretty speedy process, not too much time in the waiting room, then a quick nurse practitioner, then a bit of waiting in the gown ( doctor running late) then on the bed, through to the cold waiting space and the anaesthetist chat then into the OR.

I vaguely think I talked to a dr going into the first recovery area, I know I had an alert chat with the nurses there, then on to the day surgery area.  Very awake, and bored because it took a while to bring me my bag of stuff. Day surgery was very busy.  Very.  I think people sorting out things before the end of the year (both medicare and private health work on a calendar year basis) plus a new initiative from the state government to slash waiting lists means even private hospitals are busy.

Back to the clinic, more waiting, then good news. 19 eggs.  That’s a lot for me.  One of the other ladies got four :-( 

More waiting, for me to wee, and for G to get there.

Then home.  Do people really go back to work after this? 

Admittedly the most painful parts at the moment are the spot in my elbow where blood was taken, and the fact I am slightly constipated, but that is not entirely the procedure.

circling round

We have two weeks before we head off to japan.  It’s been three years since we last went to Japan for Christmas.  The last time we went was just before we started IVF.  It seems odd, so long ago and yet so recent.  And now we are going, probably having finished at least part of our IVF journey.

This cycle has been odd.  In some ways it is the cycle we were going to have two years ago, going for as many eggs as possible and freezing all embryos.  It’s been two years since the last cycle and it is hard.  In the middle of multiple cycles that is easier not to notice.

So moving through processes and procedures we have been through before, circling around both the same and different.

Some things are easier, much of the hospital process is more electronic and streamlined. Back in our very first cycle the clinic  was located further from the hospital, so they had a driver to take patients there for retreival.  Now it’s across the road.

We found the budget spreadsheet from our first trip together to Japan, back in 2010. When the Aussie dollar was about 60 yen to the dollar.  Now it’s 100 yen to the dollar, no wonder we stay in nicer hotels!

But this one is the end of the process.  It’s not an infinity loop of ivf, surprise pregnancies and Japan.  There is an off ramp to the loop, where we will hopefully be moving on.  I can hope that this exit will include a successful pregnancy ( or two) but I also know that it may not, and that is ok.

microblog Monday- bits

Not enough energy to write a coherent post, so some bits and pieces.

We went to Supanova on Sunday ( pop culture con). I wore my spoiler t shirt (a bunch of different spoilers) one is “it was earth all along”. While I was buying a cute new handbag the sales person noticed the shirt, and commented she liked it, but where was “it was earth all along” from.  Why planet of the apes of course. “Ohhhh, I thought it was/wasn’t earth and he went through the time travel thing”. No, the original planet of the apes. “Yeah, that’s what I mean, I was puzzled when he went back to earth and there were apes every where”.  I left because I did not want to try and reference the original 1960s Charlton Heston movies, or even the Simpsons episode.  I feel waaaay too old.

Went for a scan today.  Something close to 18 follicles.  Yay, hopefully good eggs.  No retreival Wednesday, which makes Friday more likely.  Fingers crossed.

We had our group counselling with my sister and her husband and me and G to discuss the egg donation.  Three way phone hook up. Fun! But that was the last hurdle for that process.  

And we went to a different branch of my gym for a class I thought I had booked in for tonight. Nope, that would be Wednesday.  that makes two mistaken days so far.

I have found a new iPad game to obsess over- disco zoo

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blame it on the hormones

It has been a while since I went through the whole injecting hormones thing.  I have clearly repressed how awful it was.

This was not an awesome weekend.  I had planned to go to an embroidery craft sale witha friend on Saturday.  We headed out early, got there all right, but discovered that it was on Sunday! Super sad face.  But we wandered through one of Brisbane’s seedier areas ( along with G, who came along) before we ended up at a combination coffee shop/art gallery/tattoo parlour.  The coffee was good!

Later in the afternoon we took the folding bed and spare mugs to my mum’s house.  My sister, her daughter, my brother and his wife are all coming to visit next weekend.  This is one of those things I can’t control and am trying not to freak out about. It will be nice to see my sister and niece.  I suspect my brother and SIL may be coming to Brisbane to announce a pregnancy.  Which is fine, but having to deal with the news en famille does not fill me with happy.  Especially if I have to deal with my dad and stepdad (seperately, but both would be at events where it was discussed) because they seem to not get that I might not be 100% happy at the news. Trying hard not to think or,worry about it.  

Anyway, today.  We slept in later than anticipated. Went to the craft fair, but I wasn’t really in the mood, and bought nothing.  Then we tried to go to a coffee place and had some service/customer irritation issues. I lost it a little.

We followed this up with Supanova, which is a pop culture convention. It is fun to go, but I find it overwhelming.  And the question of why an event that caters to subcultures that often have introvert tendencies has no quiet spaces? Argh. This time round we bought more books and less art.

Then we walked across the bridge to the cbd.  It wasn’t as hot as it has been, but still needed rehydration.  And the discounted clothes we were there to buy were not as many as on Friday.  

We went to catch a bus, which never came, so we had to trek to a different platform.  Which sounds very simply but was highly frustrating. My resilience, never great, is very low.  My patience is lacking.  

Bring on the scan, and the egg retreival, and I don’t think I will be doing this again.

bits and pieces

Trying not to fret about things I cannot control.

My clinic considers that a period starting in the pm pushes day one to the next day. So, start shots a day later.  And technically day 13 for retrieval. But it’s the same day I would have had if they considered it day one a day earlier.

Working on Christmas ornaments for family.  Two so far.

Less than a month before we go to Japan.  Most things are organised, but freaking out a little.

 Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

feeling fragile

So, I took my last BCP on Tuesday night.  When I went on them, my husband expressed some reservations.  But I seemed to be fine while taking them.  Stopping them, not so much. The intention was to trigger my period early, so we could get an early December retrieval.  

So, on Thursday night I made brownies.  A big batch, so some in the square Pyrex I always use and a bit more in a new little rectangular tin.  The rectangular tin was fine, but I was in a hurry with the Pyrex, touched my little finger to something hot and dropped it on the floor.  The shiny white tiled floor (I seriously don’t like tiled floors for much, but renters don’t get a choice). Baked brownie and glass everywhere.  Very very sad. So my work got brownies, his work got a sultana cake.

And today. I was upset by my gym teacher, I was upset by a comment G made and walked into a sliding glass door, I got upset when we went shopping.  Not really a happy person.  I think the only reason I have been ok at work is because the office has been a bit empty this week and the person who sits next to me (who is very capable of saying the wrong thing) has been out of the office from Wednesday. 

But I finally got my period, which means that the later of the two days we were aiming for egg retrieval should be ok. 


Progress in a number of areas.


We bought a set of scales a couple of weeks ago.  I “lost” 2 kg in the fours days after, as I was sick and so had no appetite and drank little water.  Then I returned to normal, and put 1.5 kg back.  In the last week or so I have lost another half a kg.  this is good. I was hoping to have lost 5 kg by egg retrieval in December, but that is unlikely.

Over the weekend I finished the embroidery part of my owl! Yay.  Now I just have to sew on the backing and stuff it!

In the beginning

and now!


It’s been quite challenging, I have practiced some new stitches, and some not so favourite stitches.


And today I picked up the meds for the egg retrieval cycle.  The plan is to get eggs, make embryos, biopsy and PGD them and freeze away. Complicated by the Christmas holidays, of course.  So today I spoke to the nurse, the drop dead must extract by date is dec 10. She isn’t too happy about having that as the target, so we will aim for dec 5.  Which means I will get to stop taking the pill very soon. This is why I won’t be losing 5 kg by egg retrieval.