follow up

We had our follow up appointment at the clinic today.  Papers pulled from everywhere.  He asked us what we were going to do- we said 6 months off and then see.

He said to keep looking for a donor- the results from my sister were not great, and with the drug dosage she was on, should have been better.  We could try again with her, but different conditions.  He also encouraged us to keep trying, and so I now have two sets of prescriptions for not-Clomid and for an injectable.  No monitoring, just take on the right days and go in if I feel the need.  Which was interesting.  And weirdly reinforcing one of my suspicions- I feel like my reproductive organs have white coat syndrome- they curl up and hide in a medical environment.  

And like my suspicion that exercise helps me get pregnant, then I stop due to pregnancy, and I have more issues, it is interesting to have it reinforced.  With the exercise, I think it may be a blood flow thing, and I will try to be more active if there is a next time.  

So anyway, what I need to do to get and stay pregnant is be active and not go to the doctor.  Ha, since all attempts so far have required early medical visits.

This evening I tidied my jewellery area.  I have a lot, not much precious stones etc, more of the quirky and costume jewellery.  And it was all tangled and mishmash.  But not anymore.

where did the weekend go?

It’s Sunday night, where did the weekend go?

Partly this is the fact that G thought it would be an awesome idea to have people over for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday night.  That way we only had to tidy once.  So some time spent on food prep- G cooked the mains, all I did was dessert.  I tried a new idea- lemon cake and limoncello trifle with berries and marscapone. First night was ok, second try was better.

Saturday we voted- we had a state election this weekend.  The Premier, who won three years ago in a complete landslide, has been a bit unpopular of late and thought a snap election and short campaign would be a good idea.  In January, when everyone is finishing up summer holidays.  Nope.  Three years ago the Opposition was left with 7 seats (out of 89), which crept up to 9 with by-elections.  As of this morning, they had 43, the government had retained 40 and there are a few independents and unknowns.  That was huge!

Australia also won the Asia cup last night.  Also a big deal.

We had G’s friend over to talk about our planned trip to Japan in July.  And we ended up booking the airline tickets. Way early, but they were on sale and it is a full service airline( we have been on a budget airline because they are only ones that fly direct, but they are no long so direct and full service costs about as much and will be less stressful)

Today, not so much activity. G was really tired.  I sat around and read and played games and watched the librarians and worked on my cross stitch. This no activity thing is dull.  I specifically asked about doing Pilates this weekend and the clinic said no.  Sigh.  

I have moments of severe pessimism about the cycle, and wonder if the stuff we are doing is doing anything.  The resting, the twice daily crinone etc.  I do not like crinone, but acknowledge the alternative is worse. The only bright side this cycle is due to both the timing for my sister, and my current length of my cycle I will actually have my blood test some days before my period is due, and so the test will really be an unknown.- this is new for me, every other ivf cycle I have started bleeding before testing.

And we had my mum and stepdad over for dinner.  Then G and my stepdad had an in depth discussion of something with computers.  It started as files of very old books that could be downloaded, I think.  But, they are early sleepers, so they left earlyish as well. 

Now for a full week of work- and it will be interesting to see the fallout from the election.  Federal politics will be impacted, so I may have more work as random programs are announced.


Progress in a number of areas.


We bought a set of scales a couple of weeks ago.  I “lost” 2 kg in the fours days after, as I was sick and so had no appetite and drank little water.  Then I returned to normal, and put 1.5 kg back.  In the last week or so I have lost another half a kg.  this is good. I was hoping to have lost 5 kg by egg retrieval in December, but that is unlikely.

Over the weekend I finished the embroidery part of my owl! Yay.  Now I just have to sew on the backing and stuff it!

In the beginning

and now!


It’s been quite challenging, I have practiced some new stitches, and some not so favourite stitches.


And today I picked up the meds for the egg retrieval cycle.  The plan is to get eggs, make embryos, biopsy and PGD them and freeze away. Complicated by the Christmas holidays, of course.  So today I spoke to the nurse, the drop dead must extract by date is dec 10. She isn’t too happy about having that as the target, so we will aim for dec 5.  Which means I will get to stop taking the pill very soon. This is why I won’t be losing 5 kg by egg retrieval.



IVF drugs A field guide- Pregnyl

Oh, this one was fun.  This is one that I did not have the first two cycles, and only time will tell if it will prove useful.  Unlike the other drugs, this one was complex.

For starters, it comes in a little glass container that must be broken to mix it! And it has to be refrigerated.

It only comes in one dose size 1500 units- which was 10 times what I needed.  So, while I image the usual process of this drug is a bit complex, we also had to reduce the amounts manually.

This required two different containers and two different needles.

First, the big needle was attached to the big syringe, and 10 mls of saline solution was drawn into the syringe.

Then one ml was dispensed into the little glass container (after the top was broken off).  This was mixed (swirled) with the dried stuff in the bottle then redrawn up into the syringe.  The whole syringe was then shaken (sorry, my photos have not captured this process very well, so none here).

Then the big needle was transferred to the small syringe.It’s a BIG needle.Then 1 ml of the mixed solution was drawn from the big syringe into the little syringe.

Then, the little needle was put on (no pictures- not sure what happened), and I had to inject the 1 ml.

Good:- the saline didn’t have to be kept in the fridge, so the shot overall was not so cold.

Needle size- scary big but not used to stab me, and okay sized which was.

Bad- It was still quite a lot to inject, and freaky mixing it all up.  Needles were very difficult to get on and off, G stabbed himself one night.  Also, had to be done in vicinity of other shot- not great that.




IVF drugs: A field guide- Gonal F

So, this cycle seems to be all of the drugs I have had before rolled up together.  yay. not.

So I started with the Gonal F injections first.  This is the FSH part (please note this is not a scientific explanation of how the drugs work).

It comes in a box

Which opens from the top.  The first round, I did not realise this and was opening it from the end and sliding the plastic thing out.  I thought it was quite user unfriendly.

So, the medication is contained within the pen thing, and there are lots of needles that can be screwed on to the top.  This is because you select your dosage amount- each pen thing contains 900 units of the stuff, and dosage can be as low as 12.5.  So one pen may be used multiple times, with different needles each time. The first time my dosage was both low, and did not divide evenly into the 900, which meant I had leftover drugs.  My husband suggested that I use up the dregs by combining amounts from two pens, but two shots where one would do? NO thanks.

Needle size: pretty small.  this is a good thing

The needles are simply screwed on and off, with the plastic cap to prevent accidents.

The cap at the other end is turned to dial up to the right amount of medication

As you can see, I am now on a pretty high dosage.

Bad things: It has to be kept in the fridge.  This makes it fun in the pick up phase and tends to take up fridge space.  It also means it feels cold going in on the shot.

Best tip I got was to do it slowly.  And the reason why? The cold STINGS and HURTS if you do it fast, and then you get a lovely welt the next day.  Slow is the charm.  It also means that you can check that all of it has gone in (the counter goes down, so if it doesn’t read zero, there is still some left to put in!).

Good Things: Tiny needles.  The waste doesn’t take up much space in the sharps bin (only the needles).  While it needs to be done at around the same time, it isn’t as vitally important as one of the other meds.