Sunday morning

Enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, although the noise from the kids parties in the park is growing.

Kindle issue has been resolved, sort of. After the screen froze for the last time and would not budge, we did what should have been done before and contacted amazon. I await my replacement kindle. But for the next week or so will have to get used to reading physical books again. The agony of only having one book at any given time.

And I found a comment by one of the authors I reviewed yeasterday. So apparently the blog does pop up on searches occasionally. This led me to review the pending comments, which are usually spam. Spammers have gotten more sophisticated. They now praise the blog. But sometimes this doesn’t work. I don’t believe a comment regarding the design of the blog because when I haven’t even bothered to remove the sample page, it is evident that I used an ootb template. Somehow iPad autocorrect turned bothered into amazed. Confused.

Edit- I am writing these on my iPad.  It can be quite difficult to get the little bit of the post where a tiny grammar problem is, or where autocorrect has made some interesting assumptions.  Please be kind and ignore poor grammar

A bit behind

The blogging thing disappeared for a couple of weeks.  whoops.

Not deliberate, but I was madly trying to finish a wedding sampler for my stepbrother’s wedding.  So all time at home was taken up with trying to finish it by the wedding.  I didn’t and am procrastinating as I type.

So I have a pile of photos to put up on the project 365 blog, and catching up to do with this one and so much stuff I want to do craft wise, but need to finish putting it together first.

On another note- the little white pills of emotional trauma have been taken, and net result until yesterday was a remarkably serene me. I had a meeting at work yesterday that was the tipping point for much frustration.  But then again, the person who caused my swear rant this morning also then caused the co worker I vented to to have her own mini meltdown, so it is just possible that the cranky was a natural result of exposure to the frustration person, not chemically induced.

In other news, we became a two kindle household on Saturday, when Greg’s e-reader met the tiles and the tiles won.  We went to Big W to replace it (they now sell the same cheapie one with a case and a wall charger for the price he paid for just the device.  But they also sell the kindle.  Which we ended up with.

Random Thoughts Thursday

It’s early on Thursday morning, and I am channelling the Flynn*.

But I don’t really have that many random thoughts today.

I have a Kindle.  It’s great.  Electronic books are fantastic, if only because I can now take a whole library on the train with me.

I obviously don’t understand the Real Estate market in Brisbane.  There is someone coming back for a second inspection today and bringing the wife.  They want to do the same as the current owners dreamed- hold on to the place for a couple of years as a rental, then pull it down and build.  Really? I can think of at least three vacant lots near us for sale, and then you don’t have the expense of maintaining this place.  The rent on the house is negligible in comparison to the potential mortgage payments on the price wanted. That’s because the current owners have done nothing to keep it in decent condition.

Having a public holiday in the middle of the week is awsome.  Yay Australia Day! If only every wednesday was a day off.

Lifeline Bookfest next weekend. Largest 2nd hand booksale in the southern hemisphere, if not the world.  2 million + books, and 6 days of shopping fun.  Yeah, even though I have the Kindle I am going.  with a budget though.  If there is no budget there is serious danger of book overload.

We have leftover corned beef.  What is a good recipe for corned beef that is not corned beef hash (Greg says no) or corned beef paste (I say no)?

For some reason my WordPress spell check thinks that every use of “nd” is incorrect, even when it is part of a word, such as “and”.

*In like Flynn is an Australian expression indicating that one is committing to do the action at hand, and committing quickly.  That doesn’t really capture the flavour- just Google it.