I took a bit of a break from blogging, and from reading blogs to some extent.  A quiet week or so, with G sick and then the rain from a cyclone bucketing down.  

I worked on my cross stitch.

It’s finished!

It is quite small, just a little square.

I am not sure how I will finish it.  Frame it in a square frame?  I have never framed one myself- but I don’t want to pay lots of money to frame something so small.  Or turn it into a tiny cushion?


A quiet weekend, of sorts.  Lots of resting and a lot of stitching.

I have been working on this small cross stitch from NZ.  I bought it in Christchurch on our wedding trip- I had been eyeing up a completed version in another shop for a long time.  I don’t think the shop I bought it from still stands- it was in the artist old buildings in an area that apparently had a lot of problems in the earthquake.  The business is still going ( as far as I am aware) but the cute little shop-no.

Early work

This is a couple of weeks ago.

Further on

Progress ( and taken from the other orientation, can’t work out how to flip it)

During the weekend

And this was at some point this weekend.


And now, where I am at this moment, can you see the pattern?

 I made a resolution that I would try to finish five existing projects before I bought new supplies.  This is project 1. And we are going to a craft store reopening next Friday!





Having a bit of a lazy weekend, which means no travel posts.

Progress on the January cure (apartment therapy)- the first task is to buy flowers and clean all floors.  We have flowers, we have some clean floors.  Including the very dusty floor under the bed.

We also sorted out our winter clothes, packed them into boxes, and slid them under the bed.  So much less cluttered closet.

And while G is still recovering from the flu, I am watching movies and working on my crafting resolution.  I will finish five craft projects before I buy any new crafting stuff.  This is a cross stitch pattern I bought in Christchurch 5 years ago.

An ongoing project

I have been working on this little owl for a while

At the start
Starting the wings

The beginning bits, the legs and the body, were fairly quick to stitch.  The wings, however, not so much.  And the set up of the design means that certain sections have to be finished before moving on. 

Up to now

I can see the end of the wings.  Yay.  Of course the next section is dense French knots.  Another fun section.

This project has been very good for me in facing my embroidery fears.  I have learned new stitches and I am having to use ones that I am not 100% confident of as well.  Expanding my horizons.  Plus, even though I am sick of this particular stitch, it’s not a frustrating project.  It’s calming, when I remember to do it.