Random thoughts Thursday

It’s a Thursday and I am tired

  • We obtained one of the mini NES setups- the somewhat scarce mini emulator with about 30 games.  Over Christmas my sister got to play a few of the games. We had the NES back in the day, but only a limited number of games. Since then I have been playing through the original legend of Zelda, which I have on my 3ds. Fun, but easier than I remembered.
  • How do we know what others perceive?  Maybe the colour I see as blue you see as green (but call blue because people call that tone blue). Green stoplights in Japan are called blue- the automatic voice says the lights are blue!  But they are green.
  • I think I have a ganglion cyst on my ankle
  • My drop bear!

Random thoughts Thursday

Reviving an old tradition

Although it seems like most days are random thought posts for me anyway!

  • packing to go to Melbourne. Which had pouring rain and tornadoes today (yes plural on the tornadoes) but it’s supposed to be sunny and sort of warm (chilly for us qlders) this weekend.
  • Was reminded today of my subscription to fresh romance and downloaded three issues.  I want one of the storylines to resolve soon. And it’s the one that isn’t. 
  • We have a rental inspection next week. I thought it was Monday (after G and I are away all weekend) but it is Tuesday. 
  • It’s interesting how everyone has different pattern recognition techniques.  Someone at work was trying to pull together a data set, which was involving much research and I was able to point out one of the areas of commonalities on an external report.  To me it was a key piece of data, but she hadn’t been sorting like that, although I would not have thought to sort in the way she had to find a different piece of information. 
  • Politeness is undervalued 

Random thoughts

It’s thursday, and I am having a random thought moment.

I can’t go on the babywebsite forums anymore.  They are sometimes useful, but I find the reference to the “lil darling in my belly”  really offputting.  Not in a I don’t want to know about someone’s pregnancy way, but in a “that is waaay too twee for me”way.

I had thoughts today, I really did.  They are all gone now.

My husband came to my gym tonight, he got to be the token male (my gym caters mostly to women, probably as a side effect of the pilates focus).  The class is a handweights class, I don’t think he will be going back anytime soon.

Why is it that government bodies, large organisations and big corporations regularly fail to notice the power of the internet until is smacks them on the head.  Two older stories from around the web- the neverseconds blog (which is pretty awesome) and the Ravelympics, both provide an object lesson in how to irritate a global audience without trying.

Lesson 1 for such organisations- if there is an internet community doing something you object to, don’t try to shut them down as if they were the marginalised kids in the drama club/science club/buffy watchers and you are the “popular”athletic kid.  The internet likes them more, and they know how to use better than you do.  Yes, really.  And when you trigger the powerful picking on the little person trope, well the internet has many many people who have been in the little person space, and they have community on the internet.

Random notes

Look it is Thursday, might as well be random.

Went to “Dynamic yoga”today- it is like yoga on steroids.  I am seriously the least bendy person in the class, including the pregnant lady. Still a fun class to go to and it makes regular yoga feel so easy.

Am starting to get seriously sick of the charity donation backpackers.  They hang out at high frequency areas and try to sign you up for direct debit donations.  They are legitimately collecting for the charity, but I find them the concept irritating- taking the worst examples of the business world and applying to charity (cause once that direct debit is set, good luck cancelling!).  They are mostly backpackers (no-one else wants the work) and they are persistent.

That reminds me, look for appropriate volunteer charity.  Then I won’t feel so bad about being so cranky.

My boss complimented me (in front of the team) on my great stationery ordering today.  I don’t really know what to think, since it isn’t exactly a major part of my job (and I take advantage of the perks, like being able to order the stuff I like). I didn’t realise that it was something it was possible to do badly.

I am hooked on Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series.  Funny, fluffy and not exactly the most accurate historical novels, but entertaining and addictive.  Also she is about 10 days younger than me.  I feel like a bit of an underachiever- she went to Law school (and grad school) and has written 7 novels.

Auction sites are odd- I wen looking for one thing and am now viewing flood damaged pallets of aquariums. hmmm

Best way to get a tick out- cover it with Vaseline (or other non porous substance- moisturiser etc).  It can’t breathe and will back out of its own accord. No tweezers or matches needed.

It’s Thursday

So time to randomise.

A plague on the person who brought those little wheelie suitcases to market.  They are indeed very useful, and conveniently fit in overhead lockers etc.  But they are highly annoying en masse, when everyone in the airplane is trying to shove them in said overhead lockers.  I suppose it does thin out the baggage crowd, which makes picking up baggage (my own little wheely suitcase) much easier.

Clearly QR doesn’t actually want customers, but why do they go out of their way to make it inconvenient?  Bring back the weekly, monthly and yearly tickets! Incorporate them into the Go card. (if the computer engineers have a problem with that, well go with one of the overseas companies that managed to it)  And while they are doing that, why not a decent “tourist” option.  You, know one of those unlimited use things?  It can’t be that hard, almost every other civilised city has one of those cards.

I found peanut butter M & Ms at the petrol station when I filled the car up.  Semi cheap (cheaper than most of the other stations, but still way too expensive) petrol and imported candy!  what a combination.

We paid a visit to Borders today.  Perhaps if they stocked books at reasonable prices (not twice the US list price), books that people wanted, or maintained a depth of material they would still have customers.  I remember when they first opened in Brisbane and they were great for the following reasons: books priced below what the other full price bookstores were charging (although not below what the remainder shops were selling); real variety in books, stuff no one else had; the whole series, not just the most recent book; so many books, biggest new bookstore around.  Now, almost none of those things are true.  Prices above the norm (thanks A & R management, that strategy didn’t work for you either), and the competition improved.

Random Thoughts Thursday

It’s early on Thursday morning, and I am channelling the Flynn*.

But I don’t really have that many random thoughts today.

I have a Kindle.  It’s great.  Electronic books are fantastic, if only because I can now take a whole library on the train with me.

I obviously don’t understand the Real Estate market in Brisbane.  There is someone coming back for a second inspection today and bringing the wife.  They want to do the same as the current owners dreamed- hold on to the place for a couple of years as a rental, then pull it down and build.  Really? I can think of at least three vacant lots near us for sale, and then you don’t have the expense of maintaining this place.  The rent on the house is negligible in comparison to the potential mortgage payments on the price wanted. That’s because the current owners have done nothing to keep it in decent condition.

Having a public holiday in the middle of the week is awsome.  Yay Australia Day! If only every wednesday was a day off.

Lifeline Bookfest next weekend. Largest 2nd hand booksale in the southern hemisphere, if not the world.  2 million + books, and 6 days of shopping fun.  Yeah, even though I have the Kindle I am going.  with a budget though.  If there is no budget there is serious danger of book overload.

We have leftover corned beef.  What is a good recipe for corned beef that is not corned beef hash (Greg says no) or corned beef paste (I say no)?

For some reason my WordPress spell check thinks that every use of “nd” is incorrect, even when it is part of a word, such as “and”.

*In like Flynn is an Australian expression indicating that one is committing to do the action at hand, and committing quickly.  That doesn’t really capture the flavour- just Google it.

Random Thoughts Friday

I had a mental list of randoms in my mind yesterday at work, but failed to put them into black and white, and now they have all flown away.

Why do media companies (movie/tv/book) still think that releasing a particular item in one country but waiting a couple of years to release it elsewhere is a viable and money making strategy?  Particularly when the two in question share a common language.

I locate my phone in my bag by finding the two cell phone danglies that I have- it’s the easiest way, but it does mean that the strings a little worn and pulled.

I have some green tomatoes on my tomato plants now, but am not sure if I am doing the right things to help them ripen.