Random thoughts Thursday

It’s a Thursday and I am tired

  • We obtained one of the mini NES setups- the somewhat scarce mini emulator with about 30 games.  Over Christmas my sister got to play a few of the games. We had the NES back in the day, but only a limited number of games. Since then I have been playing through the original legend of Zelda, which I have on my 3ds. Fun, but easier than I remembered.
  • How do we know what others perceive?  Maybe the colour I see as blue you see as green (but call blue because people call that tone blue). Green stoplights in Japan are called blue- the automatic voice says the lights are blue!  But they are green.
  • I think I have a ganglion cyst on my ankle
  • My drop bear!

Random thoughts Thursday

Reviving an old tradition

Although it seems like most days are random thought posts for me anyway!

  • packing to go to Melbourne. Which had pouring rain and tornadoes today (yes plural on the tornadoes) but it’s supposed to be sunny and sort of warm (chilly for us qlders) this weekend.
  • Was reminded today of my subscription to fresh romance and downloaded three issues.  I want one of the storylines to resolve soon. And it’s the one that isn’t. 
  • We have a rental inspection next week. I thought it was Monday (after G and I are away all weekend) but it is Tuesday. 
  • It’s interesting how everyone has different pattern recognition techniques.  Someone at work was trying to pull together a data set, which was involving much research and I was able to point out one of the areas of commonalities on an external report.  To me it was a key piece of data, but she hadn’t been sorting like that, although I would not have thought to sort in the way she had to find a different piece of information. 
  • Politeness is undervalued 


I am a bit emotional at the moment.  Not sure if this is the cold I seem to have acquired, a general stress level at work, or the whopping two actual pills I have taken so far.  If it is the latter, I am hoping this is the only month I need them.

A general inability to respond in a balanced way to the irritants of life.

I am quite looking forward to the day off we get for the chaos that G20 is bringing.  Our commute to work takes through the heart of the secure area, so I can expect quite a bit of frustration there.

While it is frustrating to be on the pill, there are also some good things.  I can do as many intensive gym classes as I want (none so far) without fearing that have caused a problem.  I am going to try and get fitter, so this is good.  Also, when we are in Japan, I will be able to enjoy onsens without worrying I am pregnant.  Yes, Japanese women must use them all the time when pregnant, and apparently warm baths are a good thing for many pregnant women, BUT all of my pregnancies have involved bleeding for weeks before the end, which means that baths and swimming were off limits.  So my brain says onsen while pregnant, no.


life goes on

I think I may have been a tad bitter in the last post.  So trying to be less so.

I am over a month behind on my project 365 blog- the photos have been taken, but the computer meltdown has not helped.  I will get there!

G has finally worked out how to load our amazon purchased books off our kindles and into calibre.  He did his first, and had about 30 books.  He then decided to do  mine.  I had over 300 books!  Most are freebies, but it was still a shock to him.

I have mentally written about half a post on the value of having a kindle (or any ebook really).  Now I just have to put it into pixels. It’s changed some of my reading habits, but it has also introduced me to new authors and allowed me to find old favourites.

Work is proving quite frustrating at the moment.  I have read an interpreted a piece of legislation.  Most people have accepted my understanding, but one group hasn’t, and no decisions can be made on a project until they get the answer they want (which is unlikely to happen) from the regulator.  The regulator agrees with me (I asked).  Very frustrating.

Warning- the next paragraph may be a tad TMI.

There has been an increase (well to some from none) in the advertising of interpersonal lubricants (don’t really know how to refer to them- they are generally a no-no for trying to conceive) lately.  So they are now available in supermarkets (or visibly available).  Maybe it’s the 50 shades effect? Last week, G picked one up from an end display and said “do you want to get this?” I was a little surprised, but said ok.  He then looked at it, looked surprised and put it back.  I was a little puzzled, and said that if he wanted it, we could get it and he demurred.  Ok then.  Two aisles later he admitted he had thought it was hair product (which he is often trying to convince me to use) and realised what it was at the time i said yes.  I spent the rest of the shopping trip giggling.  And am having the odd escaped giggle now.  Am I a horrible wife?


Random things

Things that are on my mind at the moment.

On the personal modesty and embarrassment level, IVF pretty much blows many other processes out of the water.  I would imagine that childbirth has some similarities- look there are several strangers inspecting my nether regions! but I suspect the pain and activity that go with childbirth negate that to some degree.  Plus the end result.  At the end of my session in the ultrasound chair, I got to go to the toilet. yay.  not exactly the same excitement level as a newborn.

We had a garage sale, which made very little money.  We then posted our sofa up on gumtree.  Apparently $150 for a second hand lounge suite (1 3 seater, 2 chairs and a footstool) is cheap. I had not realised, and would probably have taken $50 at the garage sale. Anyway we can no longer entertain visitors as the living room furniture is my rocking chair and G’s beanbag chair/lounge.

I spent yesterday looking at places for rent, a depressing and odd experience.  By and large the other groups looking were older adults with a young adult in tow- parents helping their child move out?, pairs of young guys, and the odd random family.  With the exception of one or two places that were clearly very popular I kept seeing the same people.   At least if we get rid of a lot of stuff we can opt for a smaller place.

I am not drinking alcohol at the moment.  I find myself missing it at dinner, and have been worried about this, but I have realised it isn’t that I am craving alcohol- I just want something other than water.  Juice and I do not get along, I don’t really approve of soft drinks at every meal, and cordial is essentially soft drink.  Tea is bad (absorbs much needed iron) with meals and too much coffee is also bad.  Water (and boredom) it is.

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Brisbane, a branch of Ajisen, has shut.  A couple of co-workers and I went there for lunch on Friday, only to discover it is no more.  So, if you know where a good ramen place in Brisbane is, please tell.


Awkward truths

Life is busy, and sometimes not everything important is the priority.

My husband and I both read Epbot, and a couple of days ago she wrote this post on word clouds.  I read it and thought it was interesting.  My husband read it and the next day presented me with a word cloud from this blog.  Apparently the must used words on this blog are: process, much, now, book, books and know.  And I use the word mother more than husband. hmmm.  I am curious to know how many times I wrote pirates, for it to be the size it is.

Many infertility blogs write about the dreaded Two Week Wait (TWW).  It would seem that I have an 11 day wait.  Odd.  And while I am on the subject, cervical mucous doesn’t show up at all in the word cloud.  Clearly not writing about the really important things here.

This one-click option that Amazon has for electronic books. Dangerous.

I wish it would stop raining.  We manage to weed a little bit of the feral back yard, and by the time it is sunny enough to do the next bit, the first bit is a problem again.


Wow, this EBV thing really does take it out of you.  I am feeling MUCH better, and my liver functions are returning to better too, but I still have energy issues. Which is why I am up at 10:50 typing on my blog.

Throw in moving house, which I find stressful anyway, and this is not the best couple of weeks ever.

I have been given the ok to go back to yoga and pilates, as long as I take care, but have discovered tonight that walking 1 km at a brisk pace causes pain in the lungs/ribs/liver area.   So will still be taking it easy.  And after 1 year of living here, and within a week of moving out, I have found a bus that is close to my work and drops me off near home.  The perils of having a car spot- I never take public transport to work.

Inspired by Epbot, I went back and reread The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley.  Still love it, although I can see some inconsistencies that the editor should have caught.  Stay tuned for an actual review.

Should I be worried that the main source of people finding my project 365 blog is through a UK dental site?  It is weird.

I think I managed to surprise a couple co-workers the other day by being able to describe how various ultrasound technicians around Brisbane have different techniques for using/setting up the ultra sound wand thing.  If you don’t know what that is, count your blessings.  One had been offered an opportunity and turned it down (I never had much of a choice) and the other only had it as a one off thing.  I don’t think this is a club I want to join, but it is too late now.  On the plus side, you need an empty bladder for the wand thing- much more comfortable than the on the tummy one which requires a full bladder.