Yin yoga and rain

Not that the two are connected. I have recently discovered yin yoga.  This is yoga where you hold the poses for 5 minutes at a time, and it is very calming.  My gym has at least two of these classes- one on a Friday afternoon after work, and another on Sunday morning.  The Friday afternoon one has replaced the one I used to go to in the time slot.  I stopped going over a year ago, not sure why, and when I went in December, it was yin yoga. Over the break the class was suspended so I went back for the first session of the new year on Friday.

It is really good for destressing and setting aside the thoughts of the week. I then went to the Sunday one today. Very calming.  So I recommend yin yoga.

We have been in the middle of a heat wave- hot and humid. Today we finally got some rain. And of course, being Australia, we got some serious rain. Squalls through the afternoon – which were refreshing as we hung out in my dad’s pool, then torrents as we drove home.  The roads we took home were flooded at two points. One didn’t affect us, but the other required a detour.

The picture below is the other side of the road we were on- it’s a split road, and the side we were on is higher than the other side.  That’s an empty Mercedes. On the good side, because the road we were on is there, and the creek that runs through there is a culvert under it, the car won’t go too far.

microblog Monday- ‘Straya day

It’s Australia Day today.  A day to celebrate Australia- like July 4.  It has been getting increasingly “patriotic” with flags and stuff and our current PM has taken to knighting people on the day. Well it’s one way to get a republic I guess. Lots of citizenship ceremonies, beach activities and bbqs.

Anyway, a public holiday- so I have effectively had a 4 day weekend.  After the stress of Friday, the rest of the weekend has been mellow. I spent today watching the three Librarian movies.

I haven’t heard from the lab since Saturday, when they’d told me we had three fertilise.  Which is pretty good from four eggs.  They do call if they all fall over, but tomorrow is the tricky day.  As long as at least one survives until Wednesday afternoon it is ok.


Having a bit of a lazy weekend, which means no travel posts.

Progress on the January cure (apartment therapy)- the first task is to buy flowers and clean all floors.  We have flowers, we have some clean floors.  Including the very dusty floor under the bed.

We also sorted out our winter clothes, packed them into boxes, and slid them under the bed.  So much less cluttered closet.

And while G is still recovering from the flu, I am watching movies and working on my crafting resolution.  I will finish five craft projects before I buy any new crafting stuff.  This is a cross stitch pattern I bought in Christchurch 5 years ago.

Random things

Things that are on my mind at the moment.

On the personal modesty and embarrassment level, IVF pretty much blows many other processes out of the water.  I would imagine that childbirth has some similarities- look there are several strangers inspecting my nether regions! but I suspect the pain and activity that go with childbirth negate that to some degree.  Plus the end result.  At the end of my session in the ultrasound chair, I got to go to the toilet. yay.  not exactly the same excitement level as a newborn.

We had a garage sale, which made very little money.  We then posted our sofa up on gumtree.  Apparently $150 for a second hand lounge suite (1 3 seater, 2 chairs and a footstool) is cheap. I had not realised, and would probably have taken $50 at the garage sale. Anyway we can no longer entertain visitors as the living room furniture is my rocking chair and G’s beanbag chair/lounge.

I spent yesterday looking at places for rent, a depressing and odd experience.  By and large the other groups looking were older adults with a young adult in tow- parents helping their child move out?, pairs of young guys, and the odd random family.  With the exception of one or two places that were clearly very popular I kept seeing the same people.   At least if we get rid of a lot of stuff we can opt for a smaller place.

I am not drinking alcohol at the moment.  I find myself missing it at dinner, and have been worried about this, but I have realised it isn’t that I am craving alcohol- I just want something other than water.  Juice and I do not get along, I don’t really approve of soft drinks at every meal, and cordial is essentially soft drink.  Tea is bad (absorbs much needed iron) with meals and too much coffee is also bad.  Water (and boredom) it is.

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Brisbane, a branch of Ajisen, has shut.  A couple of co-workers and I went there for lunch on Friday, only to discover it is no more.  So, if you know where a good ramen place in Brisbane is, please tell.


Busy Week- perhaps not

It has been a busy week, and will only get busier from here on in until Christmas- already looking forward to those five days of nothing between Christmas and New Year.

On Thursday we went to Latin American night at the Barracks- a small shopping/ food area near my work.  Sangria, kind of south american nibbles and some latin dancing instructions.  It turns out that Greg and I are not destined to set the world alight with our salsa dancing ability. Sigh.  But it was fun, and I would consider going to dancing lessons at some point.

Friday was reasonably quiet, we stopped by Purple Palate to try a couple wines and to pick up some Pinot Noirs (70 + wine bottles and apparently all the pinot we has gone) for Greg to drink. Then home.

Saturday we went to the Coorparoo markets, which have started relatively recently.  Just off the main crossroads in Coorparoo- the suburb where I live, there is an old big box store- one of the earlier furniture superstores.  It has been closed for years, and the other businesses in the building struggling.  It will be torn down in a few years for the busway, but some enterprising person has set up markets in the main store area.  It is pretty good, quite a few food places downstairs, and an upstairs area of non food market stuff.  We have been once before, but it was close to closing.

The food stalls are a nice variety, and we have gotten some pretty good bread and meat from there.  The main floor is a bit of a mixed bag.  There are some interesting stores with handmade bags and stuff, and a great fabric store called Voodoo Rabbit, which stocks fabric not available elsewhere in Brisbane.  But there are also the stalls full of junk from China and the stalls selling “wonder” products no one wants to buy.  I had an interesting conversation with a lady at the bag stall- they also have a stall at the much more established South Bank Markets and it sounds like the Coorparoo operation is still a bit miss for them- not yet enough people coming through.  It was certainly not very crowded, but more people than last time.  It helps a lot that everything is undercover- it’s been raining a lot at the moment.

We also hit up a couple of Garage sales on the way home, and now have a few more phones- still trying to find a landline phone that works well- the last one made the internet slow.  At the second sale we bought a sewing machine (elna!) and a whipper snipper (apparently we need one).

We had a few people over (help clear the wine) and that will be the quietest Saturday night for a while.  Today was fairly relaxing, despite a foolish visit to the shops (a few needed items including whippersnipper wire) where there were no parking spaces.

Laundry was a bit hard- the rain-sun-rain pattern today kind of made the whole hanging laundry outside to dry pointless ( but we did it anyway).  But it needs to be done because the next few weekends are going to be busy.  Friday and Saturday engagements all the way through.  On the plus side, a bit of time on the internets and we are almost completely done with the Christmas present shopping!

Weekend excitements

It has been a pretty quiet weekend around here.  After having the last three days off work, I was getting a little stir crazy.  This was also the last uuncommitted weekend for a while.  I am volunteering next week at a children’s art festival, and after that I will be back in the swing of weekend soccer games, as I am now ok to play again.

We drove up to Eumundi markets on Saturday morning.  I have run out of some hand dyed thread just before finishing a cross stitch design for a biscornu and don’t have any suitable replacements.  The lady who sells this stuff has a stall at the markets, and that is the only way I know how to find it.  Anyway, we got there and discovered that the stall I was looking for wasn’t there.  Much walking around later, we found out that she is away at a trade show in Singapore.   She will be back next week (when I can’t go).  So it will be at least a couple of weeks on that design.  Eumundi markets are pretty big, and have a lot of interesting stuff, but I just wanted that, so we came home.

We stopped off at the Burpengarry Salvos on the way home, just to see what was there.  I picked up a nice rocker with a rocking footstool.  I have been in the market for a rocking chair ince I had to leave my uni one behind in the US, so am pretty happy about this.  It is not a traditional curved rocker, but one of the ones on a frame.  Same motion though.  Now I just have to figure out where to put it.

Greg then went for his eye test, and not surprisingly, he needed new glasses- which were 100 % covered by our insurance.  Yay insurance (this is so rare).

Today has been pretty quiet, just trying to clean up and see if there is any hidden mouse/rat damage.  There has been no sign or squeak this week, probably because I have been home, so it is staying out of my way.

Oh, and have spent the week playing Desktop defense, my new addiction.http://apps.facebook.com/desktopdefender/

They also have a non facebook website ( which is a little different) http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/Game.asp

Weekend shenanagins

Hmm, this is turning into a once a week thing.  Going to have to improve on that.

This weekend was pretty busy.  My sister was in town, and so we arranged to go to Eumundi Markets.  I had been once before, many years ago at the end of the market day, and all I remembered was a pretty small collection of stalls selling the usual market stuff- handmade soap, random ceramics and a stall of stuff that probably is from China.  Oh and we got there after the pub stopped serving lunch. Thanks Dad

The whole arriving after a place stops serving is fairly typical of trips with my father in Australia.  For someone who grew up in the UK and has lived a large chunk of his life in Australia, my father still acts as though he lives in the service oriented land of the USA.  Seriously, almost wherever you go in the US there will be somewhere open that serves food- even small towns have a diner or two tucked away.  In Australia, meal times are practically set in stone- lunch between 12 & 2, dinner between 5:30 and 7:30 and woe betide the poor customer who tries to get a meal not at that time.  I exaggerate slightly, but seriously the concept of serving between the hours of 2 and 6 pm, or after 10 pm is left entirely to the fast food industry and, the casino, and in the afternoons the coffee shops.  In places like Melbourne and Sydney, where there has been a strong immigrant restaurant business, and so there are some fantastic restaurants who have grasped that people like to eat after 8, but sadly Queensland is struggling with the concept.  Anyway, I have adapted but my father has not, and regularly turns up at “great”cafes and restaurants to discover that they have shut the kitchen.  This was the case the last time I went to Eumundi- which was before I had learned to make my own food arrangements when traveling with Dad.

This time it was a very different story. After a lovely breakfast at a local deli, we headed north.  Once we arrived at Eumundi we were somewhat surprised to see fields of cars- the markets are quite popular and Eumundi has coped with the parking problem by designating parking fields and charging $4 to park.  The money is funneled to community organisations.  The markets were pretty impressive- several rows of stalls, a few buildings housing even more stalls, a park, a couple of areas for performances and paved paths.

It was also notable for some unique offerings- yes there were the usual soap stalls (which I do like, but we have a bucket of soap at the moment), the usual fairy dresses stall, and the usual cute crap that you will hate later (scented koalas for the car anyone?).  But there were also some art stalls selling interesting pieces – framed shells, some very nice metalwork and the like.  There was a place selling framed illustrations from 20th century children’s classics- Winnie the pooh, Noddy and Rupert the Bear, which were very appealing and not too expensive.  Sadly they came attached to an overly pushy saleswoman and none were bought.

I did succumb to the seller of lacquer plates, and the hand dyed embroidery threads were really nice.  On the whole though, not too bad.

On the way home we stopped in Maroochydore to visit San Churro, a chocolateria.  One word of caution- DO NOT order both a milkshake and food- you will be sick, or at least very sorry for the chocolate overdose.

It is kind of fun to be a tourist in my home area, and it was a nice day out.  We then headed to my Mum’s in Wellington Point, and hung out in the pool before a nice roast dinner.

Sunday was almost as busy, as I had indoor soccer in the morning, and was reminded how unfit I am.  There were no subs(despite promises from several people) and so we were all desperate to be goalkeeper for a while.  Afterwards, Greg napped and I tried to repot some plants.  I trekked out to Yoga, but the gym was closed for repainting.  meh

We went to my Dad’s for dinner,  nice barbeque with an ocean view and spent some time playing ball games with James, my younger brother (he’s 4).

Very family heavy, but the rest of the month will be as well.  Sometimes it is good to live far away…but I don’t anymore.