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  • Things

    So I have a new server and new arrangements, so maybe more blogging. The pandemic shutdown was not much of a break for me- my work got busier. I don’t work in essential services, but the government decided that my industry would be how people got financial support. Much stress. So while everyone else was…

  • Updating

    A brief update. About to start shifting hosting so things may be offline for a Few hours over the next few days

  • Testing the restore

    Some magic has been worked and I can now blog on my ipad again, and my blog works! Yay!  

  • I miss blogging

    I miss blogging. The past few months have been a stress full blur. We moved. There is depression. Work is stressfull. My brain still wants to blog Oh and we fiddled with the blog hosting, which has caused some issues.

  • I have a blog?

    Its been a few months. Not sick, not pregnant, not major life incident.  Just very very busy. March and April were busy with Commonwealth games volunteering- fun but tiring. Then the last month has just been so busy.  I don’t know what happened, but it is like everything got dialled up to 15.  Lots of…

  • Cookies

    I made some chocolate chip cookies.  I used the new york times recipe.  I blame this on my sister. Last week she texted me to ask if I had ever heard of new york style cookies. No! Apparently a cookie store has opened in Perth seeling these.  As far as I can tell it means dense,…

  • What happened to February?

    It was a crowded month! I am glad to have arrived march, but surprised at how time is flying. I got glasses- for reading only.  Not much of a surprise, but still.

  • Random thoughts Thursday

    The week seems to be  passing oddly. Tuesday felt like it should be Thursday, but today feels like Wednesday.  Watching the Murdoch mysteries on tv.  So many little digs at contemporary culture! Somehow i have managed to book something for every weekend for next 6 weeks. Not sure how that aligns with relax more. I…

  • Wordless Wednesday- details

    Gion, kurama, hikone, emu park

  • Making things

    These are two of the origami things i have made with my calendar. Just in case they are not obvious, this is a penguin and a dove.  So far the origami options have not been great. I also did some work on my rainbow.  I finished one off last week and started the next.  This…