On track?

Not sure what happened, but I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been doing something with my time. If you follow me on Instagram (all 2 people who fit in that crossover) you may have noticed this.

At the beginning of September I started tracking my making of projects. Not anything huge, I just am making an effort to spend at least 10 minutes everyday making something, being creative.  Mostly this has been a crochet blanket, but it has also meant the Black Forest trifle, a rag rug and an assortment of paper projects from a magazine. I have been taking pictures and tagging them as #10minutes of making. Which, strangely, was not already taken.  

I seem to be building a good habit, except that I didn’t yesterday.  But I thought that I probably wouldn’t- we went to dinner at a friend’s in the evening and in order to build up his strength G spent most of the day sleeping- he has been sick and is still lacking stamina.  

It is very helpful to track this, and to try to create the ongoing habit.