I have a blog?

Its been a few months. Not sick, not pregnant, not major life incident.  Just very very busy. March and April were busy with Commonwealth games volunteering- fun but tiring. Then the last month has just been so busy.  I don’t know what happened, but it is like everything got dialled up to 15. 

Lots of things to write about, but no time to think, then i can remember what i wanted to write about.


I made some chocolate chip cookies.  I used the new york times recipe.  I blame this on my sister. Last week she texted me to ask if I had ever heard of new york style cookies. No! Apparently a cookie store has opened in Perth seeling these.  As far as I can tell it means dense, chewy cookies.

So I was thinking about cookies, and I bought chocolate chips. Then on Saturday, G mentioned making cookies but he wanted peanut butter cookies.  We were too tired.  I woke up on Sunday morning and made the batter (the recipe calls for the dough to rest for 24hours).  I got impatient in the afternoon and made a dozen, but the rest I made tonight.  They are very nice, and you really do need salt!

Random thoughts Thursday

The week seems to be  passing oddly. Tuesday felt like it should be Thursday, but today feels like Wednesday. 

Watching the Murdoch mysteries on tv.  So many little digs at contemporary culture!

Somehow i have managed to book something for every weekend for next 6 weeks. Not sure how that aligns with relax more.

I don’t want a website to monitor my every move and only show me certain things.  I dislike that level of intrusion and attempted mind reading (and i like it less when it fails)

I fell down an internet rabbit hole when i self diagnosed as a highly sensitive person (it is very weird when you can recognise some very specific traits in a description)  i would have more faith in the description if one of the websites detailing coping methods didn’t offer to help me find my past lives.

My boss has started watching the handmaids tale and is talking to me about it. I haven’t yet- i read the book years ago.  I have come to the conclusion that i don’t actually watch that much tv. It’s on in the evening, but a lot of the time we have the news channel on.  I consume more media (articles and podcasts) about pop culture than i consume pop culture.

Microblog Monday- reading and audiobooks

I have been listening to a few audiobooks recently. Partly because my old phone is now basically an mp3 player on our alarm clock and I also now have audible on my phone. So far it has been mostly re-reads. I have been listening to various Discworld books at night. They are quite good because the story is only part of the appeal, it is the insights and the characters that I enjoy, so I can listen until I fall asleep without worrying that I have missed something.

On my audible account, I have started a couple of new books but also listened to ones I read years ago. Listening is a very different experience from reading. I think I prefer re-reading books in audio because of my other reading quirk.  I often (usually) will read the end of the book before the rest.  I need to have an idea of what is coming up to fully enjoy the book.  I don’t like overly suspenseful stories.

I find it really interesting that there has been such a boom in audiobooks recently.  Is it because we all now carry around portable players (phones) so we are used to listening? Or was there always this pent up demand that no one was catering for? My mum preferred to listen to books when we drove long distances, so consequently i “read” quite a few interesting books.  I can remember sneaking out to the car for the final tape of “far from the madding crowd” because we arrived home with about 20 minutes left. For a long time, I preferred just to listen to music, but podcasts have lured me back.

A good narrator is important.  I am ambivalent about one author, I like her books, but the narrators she has don’t work for me and it is putting me off her books.

Microblog Monday – catch up!

So, we are back from our very busy trip, and work was just busy when i got back. So i feel as if i am always trying to catch up.

There are a lot of big changes rolling through my industry at 1 July this year and it feels like everyone stuck their heads in the sand about them…

And some big birthdays in the extended families this year.  My fortieth means a big birthday for my day as well, just add thirty years to my age.  That is next weekend.  The weekend before this one was Greg’s nephew’s 21st- so we went to Rocky for it.  J will turn 21 later this year, so we are making plans around that.

It’s been really busy, but i can’t remember anything!

So here’s a picture of my dark mark at a trivia night- I was bellatrix.

On holiday!

Partway through the arduous process of getting to Europe. We flew from Brisbane to Seoul today, are staying overnight at a nice hotel (courtesy of KoreanAir) and will be flying to Paris tomorrow. 

Now I remember why I have not been enthused about travel to places far away- the endless time in a flying tin can.

Korean air has been pretty decent, I am looking forward to a flying visit to Seoul on our way home.