Games I play

I wrote about distractions, and then failed to elaborate.  I have found that I have a maximum of about three different games I can play on a given device.  

So, on my personal iPad I have Family Guy:the quest for stuff.  I am conflicted about this game because I don’t like family guy very much, I don’t like the creator very much and I don’t like the game developer very much.  I find family guy to be not very positive about women (well about people) and I don’t really want to support that attitude. Yes it may be funny, but funny in that way isn’t good for society. And tinyco (game developer) is a developer that has made games I have played in the past.  I have enjoyed those games but they fall on the premium end of freemium games and are a little bit too eager to monetise.  But this game is addictive.  You rebuild the town, building shops and gaining characters.  The playing challenges are interesting enough it keeps me sucked in. But every so often it is a little bit too much about monetising and I drop it for a while.  

If you like those kind of gradual town/village games (I imagine FarmVille is similar but I never played) you may like this.  I played tiny village and tiny zoo- the same developer and they were similar.  You can register you FB Account and visit friends who also play.  I find this disappointing because on the other tiny co games you could also visit and “friend” random accounts as well- no real-life connection, just the game name.

I also have clash of clans.  Actually I have a different clash clans village on my work iPad, my personal. iPad, my phone and the old iPhone (now our travel phone).  I don’t have a lot of motivation towards getting involved in clan wars, I just like building my villages.

At a certain point you need a lot of resources, but they take a while and raids keep depleting them, so again, a bit too much of the pay us more money vibe.

I don’t currently have a third game- I was playing a Japanese cat collecting game (fairly undemanding and calming) and I have a solitaire game compendium I play occasionally. 

With the cat game, you leave toys and food in the yard and cats visit. Sometimes you just get the message that they visited (the bubble at the bottom) and sometimes they are playing in the garden!

On my phone, I play clash of clans and threes.  I really like threes- but I am not very good at it.  Just slide the little numbers around.

But I also have two 3ds consoles.  One I have had for a while, verrrry slowly playing Fire Emblem Awakening (I have been playing it for two years).  The other is a recently acquired Japanese 3ds.  It’s all in Japanese, so that will be educational, as I try to kick start my rusty Japanese. On that, I am mostly just playing the built-in street pass games.

So yeah, my distraction is largely due to these many game options.  Most, however, are not meant to be played for hours.

And yes, I do have a lot of tech devices. Some from work though, and I have a preference for handheld consoles (game boy type) over TV consoles.

Bad news Thursday

Not a good day.

I saw the GP a few weeks ago about the excessive bleeding I was having with my period.  Apparently the technical term is flooding.  So off I went for an ultrasound. And today I found out I have a 7.1 cm fibroid.  Which is causing some issues with my uterus.  Surgery is the answer.  The problem is their may be issues with fertility.  And the surgeon she recommends is apparently very good, but I also need to consider whether I want to involve my fertility specialist who is also a decent surgeon.  Decisions to make.

And then I went and collected the mail.  You may have read a few months ago that I was applying for a new job.  Today I got the official rejection letter.  I was ambivalent about the job- it sounded fascinating and challenging, but I also had potential ethical issues.  I also  would have been required to do a lot more running around for documents, so that is a relief.  But a bit sad that I didn’t get further.

Not a great day.  


I haven’t been blogging much.  I haven’t been reading that many either.  

This is in part due to a phenomenon I first started realising from book blogs.  We have too many distractions. On the book blogs this was more about ebooks and pricing- the point was that ebooks aren’t just competing against physical books, they are competing against the games on our devices, the movies and TV shows we watch and all of the little stuff on the phones and tablets.

And that’s my problem with blogging. It’s having to compete for my time against the games I play (that’s a blog post I have been mentally writing for months), books, my 3ds and just spending time at home. 

I want to find the time, but I am struggling.  Not sure why now though

Microblog Monday- musings

Just general thoughts. I read the Guardian article on miscarriages (in part a response to the Zuckerberg announcement) and it made me think about the things we do during pregnancy to keep it “safe”. 

I just got back from Japan, where I ate sushi, drank a bit of alcohol and generally enjoyed myself.  I am pretty sure that there is not a positive test in my immediate future (not that we didn’t try, but my most fertile hours were spent in a flying tin can).  But what would I have done if I thought I was?  Not sure.  

After my miscarriages, I come to recognise that a lot of the safeguard activities don’t really make a difference if there is something fundamentally wrong.  All the bed rest in the world didn’t stop the miscarriages.  The acupuncture, the staying calm, the vitamin taking- none of it helped.  The constant refrain of “it’s not your fault” is what I remember. The pregnancy that lasted the longest featured me walking quite a bit, being at an onsen in the early stages (hot bath) and sashimi (also early). 

Yes, there are things that can actively cause damage, but most of us don’t sniff pennyroyal even when not pregnant. 

Those of us in the TTC circle of hell spend so much time being told what to do and what to avoid, to the extent that it shrivels up some of our life.  But how much of that is needed and how much of it is a form of bargaining? “If I give up coffee and wine and do thirty minutes of head standing a day, will I be rewarded with a baby?”

I have lost track of how many people I know who, based on their test results, should not have gotten pregnant, or struggled, but now have at least one child.  And there is nothing in my test results to say I will have issues.  But I do.

So maybe what I am saying here is that there is no magic factor- either for getting there or staying there.  It is all a fluke.  Appreciate the magic you received, but stop telling me that there is a ritual I must follow- I have been there and done that and it does not work.