My office looks out onto a small city park, a busy road and an Anglican cathedral.  We are on the second floor (third to some- we have ground, first floor and then second floor), so close to the ground.  My little office enjoys observing life outside. We see a lot of weddings and a lot of tow trucks.

A few of the weddings are big traditional affairs, with lots of guests. They aren’t the interesting ones.  The cathedral is popular with overseas couples who use a wedding service.  Getting married overseas, using traditional western wedding trappings was very popular in Japan when I lived there.  It’s cheaper than the big Japanese wedding for many.  The customers of this wedding company are all Asian, so we are guessing that is what is happening. This sort of service is very popular in Queensland, as it is already a good travel destination from east Asia. We can recognise the company- it’s always the same planner, the same limo driver (and limo), the same sequence. They come over to the park to take pictures and drink bubbles.  We get to look at the dresses, the groom’s suit (is it white? Is it grey? Is it shiny), the family (sometimes there are friends and family) and the general behaviour of the groom. The wedding party has to jaywalk across a four-lane road- some grooms are more solicitous of their wife than others, sometimes the couples hold hands but not often.  It’s always a happy moment when we get to observe a wedding!


So, I have not been posting.

No really good reason, just life is busy and I am stressed. I write the posts in my head, they just never make it further.  

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.  It isn’t an easy one.  I remember back when I turned 25, a co-worker (who was in her 30’s) stated that she had a mental breakdown at that age.  This was the day before my 25th birthday.  She had struggled with her expectations of what her life would be like at that age and the reality.   That was not an issue for my 25th or 30th.  But apparently it is this time.  I have been struggling with this for a few months,off and on. Hopefully it gets easier after the big day.

I don’t have huge celebrations planned- a lunch tomorrow with some co-workers (and my boss told me that I didn’t need to rush back afterwards- which would be great, but I have stuff to doooo) then dinner out with my husband (venue yet to be determined).  A big family dinner on Saturday- my siblings are coming to town for that. 

I am going try to write more, but we shall see.