Distracted and distractions

Oh, it has been a while.  I have spent the last few months being quite distracted.  I know I have posted during that time, but distracted none the less.  And I have been looking for things to distract me from a reasonably unhappy state. And there have been many.

We played Pokemon Go

So many people at night in South Brisbane! And so many Pokemon (not pictured)

I drank decadent hot chocolate


And we went to an exhibition of clothes from the Miss Fisher murder mysteries tv show.  I like the books and the show.  On the day we went they were having a garden party event as well


We walked along the river

We also went to the Ekka- the royal national exhibition, which is essentially the state fair.

For the first time they used the old Queensland museum, which was an original exhibition building

We also went to Greazefest and looked at old cars

We went to Melbourne to see a degas exhibition 

We enjoyed coffee and cake, wine and o thee food


We made an epic mountain cake

We went to Comic Con- no pictures because it wasn’t great!

I went to a Cindy Sherman exhibition

We watched fireworks

This weekend I went to a craft show and volunteered at Fort Lytton for one day of Brisbane open house

So a lot of busy time. I need a vacation!






2 responses to “Distracted and distractions”

  1. Chickadee Avatar

    Valery Valentina says:
    11 October, 2016 at 4:49 am

    That photo of the Cindy Sherman exhibition is totally art in itself!
    love the composition, and that red dress with the mega sturdy shoes, vs the guy in black.
    Lovely post
    (and probably a lot more enjoyable to write than expand on unhappiness again)
    wishing you a … quiet holiday? easy time at work? good night of sleep?
    take care.

  2. Chickadee Avatar

    Chickadee says:
    19 October, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Thank you!

    It was a very lucky moment for that picture!

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