Things I like about traveling

  • On an airplane, once it has taken off, looking down at the land.
  • On an airplane, just sitting in my chair and chilling out, it’s a chance to just relax
  • Travelling by train
  • The chance to walk around a neighbourhood, looking at the supermarket and the daily living things. Seeing how universal some things are, and how many meetings other universal needs can differ.  Last year in the USA we had the opportunity to do this in New York and Chicago (a point for air BnB) and also in Northampton. This year we did the same in Tokyo, and to some degree in Kyoto and Osaka. Supermarkets in other countries are always different in surprising ways.
  • Spending time in a cafe, reading a book
  • Sharing something new with my husband
  • Being able to show whoever I am travelling with (usually my husband) something I liked/thought was good
  • Trying new food
  • Going to art museums
  • Going to history museums/social history museums
  • Going to outdoor building museums
  • Walking outside, especially in environments that don’t exist in Australia!
  • Shopping for crafty stuff
  • Food/drink I can’t get at home
  • Onsens
  • Riding on trains, looking at the city
  • Participating in local events
  • Watching baseball
  • Disney!
  • Overseas home stores/electronics shops. Furniture and white goods vary by country.
  • Planning the trip
  • Unplanned moments of serendipity
  • Getting to the airport early enough to have a coffee and relax, starting the trip in a mellow frame of mind
  • Leaving home
  • Coming home

Things I don’t like about traveling

  • Going through security and passport control at the airport
  • Checking in for the flight
  • Waiting for luggage to arrive
  • Wearing the same clothes I wore on the plane
  • Take off and landing
  • Airplane bathrooms
  • Tourist/backpacker bars
  • Trying to catch specific train links
  • Travelling by bus.
  • Travelling a long time on overcrowded trains (20 minutes max)
  • Bad food where there is no other option
  • Going over the weight limit 
  • More than a limited period of time in Akihabara/electronic stores.  I don’t have a specific known time limit, but I know it isn’t as long as my husband’s. 
  • Places with no public seating (looking at you Japan)
  • Not eating lunch/breakfast on time.  This means cranky.
  • Booking hotels on the phone. 
  • Almost missing a flight through no fault of your own but because traffic/trains/buses broke down
  • Running through an airport
  • Lost luggage
  • Long and slow check-in queues

I would like to add pictures for these…

Cafe, new food (ice cream in those macaroons), time with my husband
Cafe, new food (ice cream in those macaroons), time with my husband
Fireworks in Japan
Fireworks in Japan
River festival in rocky
River festival in rocky
New food in a cafe in Ueno
New food in a cafe in Ueno
Asakusa Temple forecourt
Asakusa Temple forecourt
The street crowds watching fireworks in Tokyo.
The street crowds watching fireworks in Tokyo.
At the handmade festival
At the handmade festival
Art museum in Hakone
Art museum in Hakone
More Hakone art
More Hakone art




3 responses to “Travel”

  1. Chickadee Avatar

    Valery Valentina
    29 September, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    Did you write this to cheer yourself up? 😉 It cheered me up for sure!
    I love most things about traveling, even things on your don’t like list I don’t mind much. The one thing I dread is being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport, those hours slipping away and nothing much you can do to avoid missing your plane except hope for the best.
    I wish my DP liked traveling more!.

  2. Chickadee Avatar

    29 September, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Cheering up, in a way. I was reading a post about not liking traveling on a site I go to, but the things the poster didn’t like we’re things I also don’t like, so I was thinking that was not what I thought about travel. And to help me when I next plan a trip!
    I agree about the stuck in traffic- a new thing to add

  3. Chickadee Avatar

    Blue Sunday
    30 September, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Oh I love this post! You’ve been to such interesting-looking places! Travel abroad is something I’ve done woefully little of, and you’ve reminded me I need to work on that. My hub and I have been working on getting to all 30 Major League ball parks- which means lots of US travel, but overseas is more interesting in many ways.

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